I Survived... Beyond and Back

I Survived... Beyond and Back

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  • SEASON 1 6 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 10 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 5 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 1 E 1

Episode 6

Aired on Dec 05, 2010
A man whose chest is crushed by a truck returns to life after being told by his deceased mother to go back, a 16-year old has a heart attack and is dead for 20 minutes, and two colleagues die in a car crash, but only one returns to life.
S 1 E 2

Episode 4

Aired on Dec 12, 2010
A teenager dies from decompression sickness; a bus driver who had a heart attack comes back to life after being dead for 57 minutes; and a woman dies in excruciating pain when the respiratory machine she was hooked onto malfunctions.
S 1 E 3

Episode 5

Aired on Dec 19, 2010
A lawyer has two death experiences shortly after undergoing heart surgery, a college student who dies in a car crash travels back to her childhood accompanied by angels, and a heart attack victim's deceased relative sends her back to life.

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