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Crossing The Line

Premieres on Nov 24, 2017

As a brand new dance season begins, Coach D has decided to shake-up EVERYTHING familiar in the Dollhouse. The DDPs get a rude awakening when they find out their antics have them permanently exiled from the viewing room. Meanwhile, new faces are causing a commotion in the Dollhouse and Chrystianna stirring-up trouble in enemy territory.

S 4 E 16

Battle Royale: Up in Flames!

Aired on Apr 28, 2017

It’s the Battle Royale, and Dianna’s concocted her most ambitious creative dance yet, a spectacular Willy Wonka-inspired routine. Meanwhile, Kayla struggles with her dance career outside the Dollhouse and Rittany reaches a breaking point. Throw in Black Ice, the Prancing Tigerettes and unexpected fire — will the Dolls reign victorious or will everything go up in flames?!

S 4 E 15

Deliver Us From Neva

Aired on Apr 21, 2017

With Battle Royale looming next week, Coach D holds tryouts for a very special solo role and Rittany’s gunning for Crystianna to get it, by any means necessary. Coach D’s making cuts to put together the most killer battle squad she can for the competition of the season. But first the Dolls have to get through this week’s battle against two of their biggest nemeses — Sharon and the Southern Royalettes and the infamous Neva and her Divas of Olive Branch!

S 4 E 14

Battle for Broadway

Aired on Apr 14, 2017

Broadway Dance Center comes to Jackson to pick one Dancing Doll for their summer intensive scholarship. Kayla reinvigorates her passion for dance by taking the girls that aren’t auditioning to perform in a no-rules, underground freestyle hip-hop competition. Which Doll has what it takes to get their big break in the Big Apple?

S 4 E 13

Lemons to "Lemonade?"

Aired on Apr 07, 2017

Dancing Dolls face their hometown rivals, the Purple Diamonds so Coach D goes all out with a Beyonc -inspired creative that has the girls attempting to perform in a pool! Meanwhile, Kayla’s reeling from her disastrous audition for an agent in LA and rethinks her future. With all this drama and last minute technical pool problems, will the Dolls sink or swim?

S 4 E 12

La La Land

Aired on Mar 31, 2017

Coach D and the Dolls take on Los Angeles for a grudge match against Compton. One doll gets the opportunity of a lifetime while the team learns Coach D’s Smurf creative. Will a surprise from Demi Lovato motivate the Dolls to out Smurf their competition?

S 4 E 11

Cookie Bites Back

Aired on Mar 24, 2017

The Dancing Dolls get the shock of the season when they find out that Coach D’s swapped studios with Tyrus, the flamboyant coach of the Elite Stars. Will his decision to bench Coach D’s pros and take a chance on new blood backfire? Or will Cookie crumble when she has to get the Elite Stars in shape?

S 4 E 10

Revenge of the Robo-Dolls

Aired on Mar 17, 2017

It’s the rematch of the season when the Dancing Dolls go up against arch rivals the Prancing Tigerettes. But with revenge on her brain, Coach D bites off more than she can chew with a spectacular futuristic Robot Creative and a new category called Tag Team. Will Dianna’s choreography be enough to take Quincy down, or will the dance floor be littered with robot parts?

S 4 E 9

Black Ice Meltdown

Aired on Mar 10, 2017

Black Ice is back and Miss D is bringing the heat. Can the girls win against this creative powerhouse from Ohio? Meanwhile, Crystianna and Makylah find themselves tested when they have to choreograph a routine for Co-Captain’s Battle and Rittany throws herself a Roaring 20’s themed birthday bash that’s chock full of surprises.

S 4 E 8

Attack of the B Squad

Aired on Mar 03, 2017

Coach D adds a MAJOR twist to this week’s stand battle that shakes up the Dollhouse and has DDP’s seeing “red.” The Dancing Doll veterans are temporarily “benched” as a new B squad is thrown into battle. Also, tensions rise as one of Brandon’s twins makes cuts, which leads Brandon to confront Miss D.

S 4 E 7

A Tale of Two Dollhouses

Aired on Feb 24, 2017

Does Miss D have a new favorite Dollhouse?! Pom poms fly when she heads to Birmingham to prep her newest Dolls against their big sisters in Jackson for a scrimmage that includes a head-to-head Baby Battle. Kayla rises to the challenge back home but when chaos breaks out in the Jackson studio, Torrey takes matters into his own hands.

S 4 E 6

Losing Faith

Aired on Feb 17, 2017

The Dolls have to take on stands with props while Faith and Daija are chosen to do a ballet duo routine taught by Torrey. But with Faith already feeling like she’s missing out on being a teenager because of the DD’s hectic schedule, will Torrey’s tough love teaching style push her over the edge?

S 4 E 5

Torrey Takes Over

Aired on Feb 10, 2017

The Dollhouse is shocked when Dianna adds Torrey, a new ballet coach to the team. No one’s more shocked than Tina, who feels threatened that he’s there to take Kayla’s position. Meanwhile, Kayla looks into finding a studio space to teach hip-hop classes on the side and the Dolls have to master Torrey’s tough lyrical skills for a freestyle competition that is their toughest challenge yet and could cost them big if they lose!

S 4 E 4

Bringing It to the Big Apple

Aired on Feb 03, 2017

Coach D has a big surprise for the Dolls–twelve girls have been selected to go on a field trip to New York City! But this is no sightseeing vacation–the Dolls are going to compete in a Central Park dance challenge, battle Brooklyn’s Strut N’ Strive and get the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance for one of them to win a summer intensive scholarship at Manhattan’s prestigious Broadway Dance Center!

S 4 E 3

Coach D Meets Queen B

Aired on Jan 27, 2017

Coach D needs her Dancing Dolls to slay the competition after the results from the last competition. With a crash course in “New Orleans bounce,” can the dolls bounce back? Also some of the girls get an amazing opportunity to see Beyoncé in concert and the DDPs get a rare night out that’s a real drag!

S 4 E 2

Dianna Said Knock You Out!

Aired on Jan 20, 2017

The Dancing Dolls are stepping into the ring with a boxing-themed routine against unknown rivals Black Ice, and find their opponents really pack a punch. Meanwhile, Selena goes for her first ride-along to become a full-fledged bounty hunter and Kayla trains Camryn, Crystianna, and Makyla for their first ever 3-way Captain’s Battle.

S 4 E 1

Miss D Reboots

Aired on Jan 13, 2017

Bring It!’s back for a brand new season and for their first competition, Coach D goes up against her arch rival Neva the Diva in a New Orleans dance battle. But there’s also big changes on the horizon– this week the battle squad gets some fresh blood and the DDP welcome a brand new member to the Viewing Room, the outspoken and outrageous Brandon, uncle to twins Angel and Angela. Will the Dolls be able to destroy the Divas of Olive Branch or will Coach D’s flaring temper get the best of her?


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