Season 3B Premieres July 22 at 9/8c
  • Dianna Williams from Bring It!
  • Mimi & Camryn from Bring It!
  • Rittany & Crystianna from Bring It!
  • Faith & Dana from Bring It!
  • Tina & Kayla from Bring It!
  • Selena, Sky, Star, and Selena from Bring It!
  • Tanesha & Tamala from Bring It!

Dianna "Miss D" Williams

Dianna is entering a phase of renewal and reconstruction, both in the Dollhouse and her personal life. After losing the Battle Royale and then with her best dancer, Kayla transitioning to assistant coach, Dianna must rebuild her team, stronger than ever. That means, new captain, new rules…and some new blood!