Get to know the moms and dancers competing for the $100,000 cash prize and a scholarship to the Young Dancer Program at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York:
Angela and Chloe Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Angela and Chloe

While Angela was the Director of the Association of Rhythmic Talent dance company, she realized her daughter's passion for dance when she noticed Chloe was mimicking the company members at the barre.

Cindy and Gianna Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Cindy and Gianna

Cindy could always tell that Gianna had a passion for dancing and performing and has through the years she seen this love for dance grow. Cindy is very supportive of her daughter’s dreams and Gianna’s father demonstrates how proud he is and loves to watch her dance.

Jessalynn and JoJo Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Jessalynn and JoJo

Being born into a dance family, JoJo was destined to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Jessalynn owns her own dance studio and has danced her whole life, making her very supportive of her daughter's dance career.

Kira and Kalani Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Kira and Kalani

Kira decided to enroll Kalani into dance classes since it was fun and cute to dress her up, never realizing how much her daughter would grow into the dancer she is today. Although she never danced in her life, Kira and her family are very involved in all aspects of Kalani’s dance career.

Melanie and Haley Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Melanie and Haley

Melanie knew from the moment she set eyes on her daughter and saw her pointing her feet as a baby that she would grow up to be a dancer. With a strong dance background, Melanie is very supportive of her daughter’s dance career and so is her husband.

Shari and McKaylee Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Shari and McKaylee

Shari enrolled McKaylee into dance classes since she believes it gives children an outlet to express themselves, learn discipline, confidence, poise, posture, time management, exercise and technique.

Sharon and Sarina Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Sharon and Sarina

After Sarina accompanied a neighbor to dance class, Sharon could tell her daughter was hooked. Sharon is very supportive of her daughter’s dance career and her husband is right there with her and even takes on the title of "Dance Dad."

Sheryl Travis Tyler Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Sheryl, Travis and Tyler

Travis and Tyler are identical boys and both have already had budding careers in the entertainment world, including principal roles in film as well as many extra roles. Although she was never in dance during her childhood, Sheryl and her husband are very supportive and involved in their sons' dance career.

Tiffany and Ally Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Tiffany and Ally

Tiffany always knew Ally was a talented athlete, participating in a variety of sports teams, but she never realized Ally’s dance potential until the day Ally approached her about taking a Hip Hop class. Although she never took a dance class, Tiffany and her husband both fully support Ally’s dance career and both are very involved in it.

Tina and Trinity Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Tina and Trinity

Growing up as a professional dancer, Tina knew dancing was a positive and healthy art and sport, so she enrolled Trinity into classes as soon as she was ready. Both Tina and her husband are very supportive of their daughter and do everything they can to be involved with her dance career.