Get to know the moms and dancers competing for the $100,000 cash prize and a scholarship to the Young Dancer Program at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York:
Coreen and Madison Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Coreen and Madison

Coreen enrolled her daughter Madison, 13, in dance at a very young age after watching her mimic the children’s music group "The Wiggles" in front of the television. Although she never took any dance classes herself while growing up, she and her husband are now very involved in Madison’s dance career.

Erin and Elisabeth Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Erin and Elisabeth

Erin never took dance classes as a kid growing up, but was inspired to enroll her daughter Elisabeth, 13, in dance as she wanted her in activities outside of school. After participating in many extracurricular courses, they found that dance was where Elisabeth really excelled, had fun and it was her favorite activity.

Gina and Zack Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Gina and Zack

Gina never took dance as a child while growing up. Instead, she played volleyball and softball. She enrolled Zack, 13, in dance after he asked to take a class with a friend, and as she says, "the rest is history." Her husband is also very involved with their kids' dance and he hasn't missed a convention or competition.

Kelly and Jordyn Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Kelly and Jordyn

Kelly was a competitive baton twirler growing up and since dance was such a big part of her life, it seemed natural that she would enroll her daughter Jordyn, 12, in baton twirling and dance. By the time Jordyn was seven she had already won five national twirling titles.

Kris and Brianna Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Kris and Brianna

Kris danced as a child for four years, from eight years old until she was twelve. A friend originally suggested that Brianna, 13, take a dance class and from there the entire family became involved in her dance career. Kris says that Brianna loves the entertainment field and everyone around her is very supportive of her efforts and goals.

Kristen and Kyleigh Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Kristen and Kyleigh Jai

Kristen didn't dance in her formative years but instead she played sports in high school, focused on soccer on college and even went on to play soccer professionally. Since she comes from an athletic family she and all of her children are involved in various sports. Kristen saw potential in her daughter Kyleigh Jai (10) to be a dancer from a very young age and enrolled her in her first dance class at just three years old.

Kristie and Asia Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Kristie and Asia

A gymnast as a child, an athlete in high school and a fitness competitor in her 20s, Kristie enrolled her daughter Asia, 7, and her sister in dance when they each turned two. As toddlers, both of her girls loved to entertain, loved music and were natural dancers. Now Asia would love a future in dance, whether it's on Broadway, on TV or in movies and Kristie says, "as long as she loves what she is doing, I will support her and hope she is the best."

Maria and Lexine Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Maria and Lexine

Growing up in the Philippians and a Jazz dancer herself in high school, Maria enrolled her daughter Lexine, 11, in dance class because she saw her passion for the art. Her family watches Lexine compete in National Competitions and Maria’s aspirations for her daughter are that she becomes the best dancer she can be.

Mayelin and Amanda C. Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Mayelin and Amanda C.

Never having danced as a child growing up, Mayelin enrolled her daughter Amanda, 12, in dance class as she thought it was important for her to be involved in after school activities. The whole family, including Mayelin’s husband, are extremely supportive of Amanda’s dance endeavors and when giving her advice for "Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition," she reminded Amanda that, "this is a show and no matter what happens she (Amanda) is a great dancer and a great kid."

Michelle and Amanda K. Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Michelle and Amanda K.

Growing up, Michelle had a passion for dance and committed to classes three times a week, so it seemed only natural to enroll her daughter Amanda, 13, in dance classes just as soon as she could. Her aspirations for Amanda are that she continues to grow socially, gain more confidence and continues to challenge herself everyday so she becomes a very successful young lady.

Renee and Tessa Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Renee and Tessa

Renee took Ballet as a child and says that her daughter Tessa, 12, has always loved to dance and that her very first pair of shoes were actually Ballet slippers. Tessa’s entire family is extremely supportive of her passion for dance, but Renee says she is definitely the "mom-manager."

Sabrina and Nicole Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Sabrina and Nicole

Originally from Taiwan and never having danced herself, Sabrina, 12, enrolled her daughter Nicole in dance classes, as she never got a chance to participate in the art while growing up. Sabrina is in charge of everything dance related, for Nicole, including doing her hair, make-up and costume design.

Shayna and Tua Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Shayna and Tua

Originally from Hawaii and a dancer from a very young age, Shayna has performed in shows and parades at the Walt Disney World Resort and she was a Polynesian dancer for 10 years in SeaWorld’s® Makahiki Luau. Shayna even teaches dance at the South Beach Dance Academy. With dance being such a huge part of her family’s culture, she explains that it was only natural for her daughter Tua, 9, and her sisters to take dance classes and her children have all been performing on stage since they could walk.

Yvette and Hadley Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Yvette and Hadley

Yvette danced throughout her formative years and is now a dancer teacher, choreographer and judge. It seemed only natural for her to enroll her daughter Hadley, 12, in dance class and Yvette knows from experience that Hadley is learning self-esteem, fellowship, discipline, dedication and team work from participating in the art.