Brenton Thwaites


Character: Dean McMullen

Brenton Thwaites, best-known for playing the title role in the television remake of the 80’s hit film “The Blue Lagoon,” is an Australian-born actor whose talent and charm is quickly grabbing the attention of Hollywood. Up next, he stars in the Lifetime Channel film “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening,” alongside fellow Australian actor Indiana Evans. 

Most recently, Thwaites played a major role in the long-running Australian show “Home and Away.” His portrayal of character Stu Henderson earned him the attention of “Blue Lagoon” casting and the project’s lead role. It was at this time that he made the move to the States.

Prior to “Home and Away,” Thwaites honed his craft on Australian teen drama series “SLiDE.” The show chronicled the journey of a group of teenagers from high school into adulthood. He played Luke, a cool kid struggling with family issues who found a sense of community with his new group of friends. It was a breakout role for him.

Thwaites’ first professional job was an appearance on the television show “Sea Patrol.” Prior to this gig, he graduated from Queensland University of Technology. During his time in school, he made his film debut in the independent film “Charge Over You.”

Thwaites’ effortless personality and genuine talent has led him to become a face to watch in Hollywood. He currently resides in Los Angeles.