Q&A with Tess Atkins


Q&A with Tess Atkins



Tess Atkins, who plays Alex in the Lifetime Original Movie “A Killer Among Us”, discusses what is was like working alongside Boris Kodjoe and Tom Cavanagh and more!

How would you describe your character, Alex?

Alex is smart, loving, determined but most of all strong. In the film she goes through a journey of loss, mystery, and fear but is able to stay true to herself throughout. She finds her courage in an incredibly challenging situation.

What was it like working alongside Boris Kodjoe and Tom Cavanagh?

Boris is not only a fabulous actor but also friendly and a joy to work with from the first moment he stepped on set. Tom has a remarkable super power: he finds the good in everything. He taught me about camera lenses and acting but mostly he just inspired me to be genuine and positive in every aspect of my life. Words can not express the amount Boris and Tom taught me and how great both of them are.

Which scene did you enjoy shooting most?

The pier scene where Alex sees Cody and gives him a book that belonged to her mom. It was actually the last scene we shot, and at 4 in the morning! Maybe it was the sun rising, or the magic of the pier but it felt so real.

Any unexpected mishaps on set?

Me trying to be a competitive track and field star was almost a mishap... When they asked me if i was athletic i said yes, but that was before the tenth take of the four hundred meter sprint.

What’s your favorite Lifetime Original Movie?

All of the Lifetime movies are amazing but i have to say that i am quite partial to this one!