Prom Queens

About the Series

Lifetime formally invites you to Prom. Featuring eight different high schools from around the country, including California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, “Prom Queens” will document prospective girls from each school as they prepare and compete against one another for the ultimate prize: to be crowned Prom Queen. One of the most coveted titles in high school hierarchy, being named Prom Queen is an achievement many girls throughout U.S. dream of and work tirelessly to attain. In fact, today, there are even websites and guides outlining steps one needs to follow on how to best become Prom Queen.

“Prom Queens” will document the great social, financial and emotional lengths some girls go each spring by following the teens as they extensively strategize and campaign among fellow students to win votes and achieve their dream. As the big event approaches, students (many with the help of their mothers who will stop at nothing to assist their children) produce personalized videos, bake cupcakes and create elaborate posters while also selecting custom-made designer gowns and arranging hair and make-up — all with the hope to hear their name called at Prom.

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