Fashion Week Virtual Reality Experience

Experience the immersive Fashion Week runway show on your desktoptablet and mobile device.

There are many ways to make it work.

  • Headset VR

    The most immersive fan experience, use your virtual reality headset to get a 360-degree experience of the Fashion Week runway show. If you have a Samsung GearVR headset, download the VOKE VR app from the Oculus store and select the “Project Runway” channel during the night of the show.

  • Lifetime App & Cardboard Viewers

    To watch using your smartphone or Cardboard viewer, download the Lifetime app from the iOS or Android store, select the “Project Runway Virtual Reality Experience" from the featured screen and enjoy the show! If you are using a Cardboard viewer, insert your phone into your viewer once you are ready to watch. If you don't have a Cardboard, you can view the content by moving your phone around to see the full 180-degree experience.

  • Desktop

    To watch on your desktop, select either the runway tile above or button below. In the player, choose your preferred point of view to begin. While it is playing, click and drag the picture around for an immersive view of the fun.