The Top 10 Moments From Season 6, Episode 9: Posen on the Red Carpet

1. Guest judge Zac Posen told the designers that they have only one day to create a red carpet look that showcases their signature technique.

2. To add insult to injury, Alyssa then told the designers that instead of Anne being their mentor this week, they would be each other’s mentors.

3. Sometimes, you just need a hug. Ya know?

4. During his mentor session with Fabio, Ken was less than truthful:

5. Anthony and Ken morphed into the Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets while Helen was critiquing Stanley.

6. When Isaac sidelines as Allison Janney in “I, Tonya”:

7. Zac, tell Joshua how you really feel about his design:

8. Same goes to you, guest judge Rosie Perez. Lay it on Edmond:

9. Anthony won the challenge. ::insert Anthony scream::

10. Joshua was sent home and turned into Mr. Feeny:

Want more? Watch the full episode here.

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