Ms. T's Music Factory

About the Series

Former recording artist Temmora Levy is on a mission to help future superstars achieve their highest potential through music. After her own tough upbringing in and out of foster homes, Temmora fell in love with the art of singing and performance. Today, Temmora owns Arommet Academy, an artist development academy in Memphis, providing a safe haven for talented children to escape whatever they might be going through. Eight one-hour episodes of Ms. T’s Music Factory are set to premiere beginning Thursday, June 6th at 10pm EST/PST.

Juggling the challenges of training the kids while dealing with their stage parents, managing her daughter Meisha’s pop girl group KARMA, and keeping up with the daily demands of motherhood and marriage, Temmora definitely has her work cut out for her. Each episode, her students compete for a chance at the coveted spot to open for KARMA at one of their shows. While she makes it her priority for each child to feel loved and accepted, make no mistake, Temmora is no easy critic – if her students want to make it to the top, they better be prepared to work!

Ms. T’s Music Factory is produced by Brian Graden Media for Lifetime with Brian Graden and Dave Mace as executive producers. Mioshi Hill and Gena McCarthy serve as executive producers for Lifetime.

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