Marrying Millions Brian

5 Tips for Meeting Your Significant Other’s Friends From Marrying Millions' Brian

Beginning a serious relationship is about more than loving the person you're with, it's also about learning to love the people who are important to them too, like family and friends. This is one area that Brian from Marrying Millions knows about firsthand. Below, read Brian's five tips for getting along with your partner's friends.

1. Be Friendly and Polite

Sometimes friends of your mate may not initially like you, but if you remain kind, hopefully with time you will win them over. Even if you disagree on a topic do not attempt to persuade them to see your side of things. It may make them resist greater. Remember you're in this for the long run, so time is on your side.

2. Listen

Listen to what friends have to say, because they know things you don't. Some say everyone has two sides, one your friends know and one your mate knows. Your job is to learn both sides of the one you want to spend your life with. And you can't have a successful long-term relationship without being good friends and knowing all aspects of the one you love.

3. Don't Take Things Personally

If the friends treat you poorly or are unfriendly, understand they're simply looking after the best interests of your mate. Sometimes friends can be overprotective just like a family member, so don't take it personal and be happy your mate has such good, caring friends. You would want your friends to stand up for you just the same.

4. Connect

Try to become their friends too, because they will always be a major influencing factor in your relationship. And if the friends are against you, they may instigate turmoil in your relationship;&mdashespecially during arguments [when they will] side with your mate and possibly suggest leaving you.

5. Invite

Give them a chance to get to know you by joining in their group activities. Whenever your mate is spending time with his or her friends, ask if you can go too. Hopefully by doing this, in due time you'll be one of the gang. And this is where you want to be.