Marrying Millions Gentille

5 Red Flags for Dating From Marrying Millions' Gentille

Navigating through love landmines can be difficult in any adult relationship, particularly when money's involved. Luckily, Gentille from Marrying Millions has advice for how to spot red flags before things get too serious. Check out her five tips for spotting danger signs in a relationship.

1. When They're Too Attractive

We all have a type that we are attracted to most and I definitely have mine...tall, handsome, well dressed, European, chiseled face with a fit body. These people are wanted and desired by many others as well. Because of this, it makes them very intriguing and challenging. This is exactly why it's a red flag.

2. When They're Too Funny, All the Time

Men who are super funny and witty every time you are with them usually use [their humor] in the beginning to win you over. This is covering all of their insecurities. Humor can be used as passive aggression by way of insults or demeaning [comments], which later on in the relationship can turn into complete callousness.

3. When They Don't Want to Integrate Into Your Life

When your partner doesn't want to be around your friends or family your relationship is operating at a very superficial level. These people don't invite you into the deeper parts of their lives. They are secretive or don't want to talk about many [personal] things. This means they do not plan on a long term relationship with you.

4. When They're Chauvinistic

These men are very sexist and think that women should only be in a certain spot or place in a relationship. Women are always secondary. They are usually very controlling but the confidence of these men is the appeal.

5. When They Have a King Complex

Very charming, these men think they are essentially a king and can have as many women as they want. They have no qualms about wanting or making moves on your associates, friends and/or even family. Their thinking is that they are god's gift to women and love sharing themselves with everyone.