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 1 Rhythm and Boobs
S 2 E 1

Rhythm and Boobs

Aired on Aug 06, 2013

Dance Moms’ maven Abby Lee Miller comes to Atlanta just as Molly is training for a charity dance showcase. Abby gives Molly some tough love dancing tips and then the Double Divas give Abby some tough love bra fitting tips right back.

 2 Ride 'Em Cowgirl
S 2 E 2

Ride 'Em Cowgirl

Aired on Aug 06, 2013

Molly and Cynthia, meet a rodeo rider with a big bust that’s getting in the way of her competitive barrel racing and they vow to help. Meanwhile Molly gets ready to Mambo in a charity dance showcase.

 3 Camo & Corsets
S 2 E 3

Camo & Corsets

Aired on Aug 13, 2013

Cynthia and Molly invite themselves along on Cynthia’s husband Drew’s turkey hunting trip. But the real reason they want to go is to test out Cynthia’s newest creation in hunting gear — a bulletproof corset.

 4 Safety First
S 2 E 4

Safety First

Aired on Aug 13, 2013

When a real-life bounty hunter comes into LiviRae packing heat on her hip, she asks for a way to hide her gun in her bra instead. Cynthia sets out to make a holster bra, but she needs Molly to give it an action-packed test run in the field.

 5 Toilet Paper Bride
S 2 E 5

Toilet Paper Bride

Aired on Aug 20, 2013

Cynthia enters a contest and takes on the challenge of making a wedding gown out of toilet paper, tape and glue…and of course she uses Molly as her muse and model. Meanwhile Molly meets a lady with extremely large hips who needs custom underwear.

 6 Into the Wild Nude Yonder
S 2 E 6

Into the Wild Nude Yonder

Aired on Aug 20, 2013

Molly, Cynthia and Loren all take a trip to a nudist resort where the women desperately need bra fittings. As the only people with clothes on, the Divas are fish out of water…but they learn to swim.

 7 Motorcycle Mamas
S 2 E 7

Motorcycle Mamas

Aired on Aug 27, 2013

Cynthia and Molly become fascinated by the local motorcycle scene and hope to win new clients by making over some rough biker chicks. To gain some “street cred,” they even try firsthand learning how to ride a “Hog.”

 8 Director Divas
S 2 E 8

Director Divas

Aired on Aug 27, 2013

After realizing that their current TV ad is old and embarrassing, Molly and Cynthia get ready to direct a fresh new commercial for LiviRae Lingerie. Meanwhile, the Double Divas also consider opening a shop in the upscale Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead…but the ladies are not entirely sure they will fit in.

 9 Mer-Makeover
S 2 E 9


Aired on Sep 03, 2013

Molly and Cynthia take their daughters on a relaxing vacation to Florida’s Weeki Wachee Springs. But at the classic mermaid show, the Divas decides it’s time for a “mer-makeover.” Meanwhile, Loren helps a female wrestler prevent future bra malfunctions.

 10 Atlanta Is Burning
S 2 E 10

Atlanta Is Burning

Aired on Sep 03, 2013

A Civil War reenactor brings his lady to LiviRae to get a period costume so she can join the historical fun. Plus the Divas hold a bra burning rally to rid the world of bad brassieres.

 11 Divas Helping Divas
S 2 E 11

Divas Helping Divas

Aired on Sep 10, 2013

A college step team needs the Divas’ help to lift their busts and put some pep in their step with new uniforms before they hit their next big competition.

 12 Breast Friends
S 2 E 12

Breast Friends

Aired on Sep 10, 2013

Molly and Cynthia’s friend Paris comes to LiviRae for her post-mastectomy bra and the Divas are inspired to do more. They get mammograms for themselves, and hold a “Brauction” to raise money for Paris’s medical bills.

 13 Guinea Pig-Skin
S 2 E 13

Guinea Pig-Skin

Aired on Sep 17, 2013

Cynthia and Molly take on the challenge to redesign uniforms for an all-female pro football team. They invent “an athletic cup for the breasts.”

 14 The Princess and the Pregnant Man
S 2 E 14

The Princess and the Pregnant Man

Aired on Sep 17, 2013

The Divas break into the Atlanta music scene by styling solo rapper princess (formerly of Crime Mob) for her new video shoot. Meanwhile a pregnant man (born a woman) wants to flatten his breasts to appear more manly.

 15 Vinyl and Ribbons and Fur, Oh My!
S 2 E 15

Vinyl and Ribbons and Fur, Oh My!

Aired on Sep 24, 2013

Waitresses at a fancy restaurant are ready to wear something sexy and fun on the job and Cynthia and Molly are ready to make them over with corsets you could serve caviar in.

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