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24 HOUR FLIP centers on New Jersey real estate power couple Michelle Pais and Jonathan Steingraber, who have disrupted the real estate market by creating a flipping process that allows them to pull off a full gut renovation of a home in just 24 hours. This is a real formula and real business with real results that are changing the game. By virtually eliminating holding costs and truncating the work period to skirt the inefficiencies of traditional sequential construction, Jon and Michelle are able to outbid their competitors for properties to flip, beat them to market, and increase demand by selling slightly below market value. They’re essentially buying high and selling low, and while that flies in the face of traditional economic theory, they make a profit every time. Plus, their unconventional approach isn’t just a win for them: by lowering sale costs to undercut their competition they’re also opening the door for families to buy in neighborhoods they could otherwise never afford.

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