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Q&A with Rachel Boston, Part 2

Posted By Tracy_Goldenberg 10:00am GMT

The Season 1 Finale cast a spell on audiences. Rachel Boston chatted with me exclusively about the funniest behind-the-scenes moments, the major plot points throughout the season, the crazy cliffhangers, and what she hopes for future episodes of "Witches of East End!"

Throughout the season, several characters reveal themselves as evil or as having less-than-honorable intentions, and there is a lot of loss (Adam dies from a spell, Penelope is the shifter, Mike is insane). How will Ingrid continue to cope with this disappointment, and how will it affect her as a woman and a witch?
I was reading a poem called "Good Timber" while we filmed the episode where Ingrid lost Adam, and I love this line: "Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees." Through all of Ingrid's tragedies and disappointments, she grows stronger. Through the loss of love, she uses her magic to bring Adam's spirit back and begins to understand her heart and the power of love inside. Through the shifter and her past life dream, she learns about betrayal. Through Mike she painfully learns the truth about who she is and that she is the key to another world. Her heart continues to be broken open as she develops into a strong witch and woman. Life lessons and love become very complicated and powerful when you find out you are a witch.

Freya is trusting and excited to get to know their father when he returns, but Ingrid keeps her distance. Why do you think that is?
Ingrid was heartbroken when her dad left the family. It takes her a while to open up, and I do think it will be a very interesting relationship. They are so much alike. And it's a journey of forgiveness. She is going to have to forgive him to start a relationship. He certainly holds a lot of secrets from the girls’ past.

Season 1 leaves off with a whole lot of cliffhangers: Ingrid is the second key and has opened the door to the portal, Dash and Killian aren’t mortal after all, Joanna and Victor have rekindled a confusing romance, Joanna is on the verge of death, Freya chooses Killian who has been left for dead by his brother. What are your hopes for where these storylines will go in Season 2?
I want to go to Asgard! To explore where we came from and why we left! Ingrid opens up a new world with Wendy and Joanna, and I can't wait to see what's inside. Is our brother still there? Who lives in Asgard? What was coming out of the portal and how am I the key? I would also love for Adam to come back as a guardian angel. Very excited to see our past lives with Dash and Killian. Are they from Asgard too? And as for mom and dad, I certainly hope we can figure out a way to be a family again.

Of your castmates, who is most like his or her character? And most different?
All of the women in the Beauchamp family have similarities to who we are in real life. We really do. As for different, Virginia Madsen is very powerful in real life, but she's not an evil shifter, so I'm going to go with Virginia.

Any funny behind-the-scenes moments you can share?
In the season finale, I have a stunt double and she was walking around set dressed and looking exactly like Ingrid. One of the amazing women on our crew walked by her and said hello and then walked inside the makeup trailer, and I was sitting there. She was convinced I had real-life shape shifting powers.

Also, shooting scenes at 3 or 4 a.m. involving Latin can be really funny. We were filming the scene in the backyard where the Beauchamp women bring the garden back to life in episode 3, and Madchen and Julia started making up Latin. We now have a very powerful secret language.

If you could have one wish, what would it be?
I would wish for healing for our world.

If you could have one magical power, what would it be?
Healing powers and to fly. I really want to fly.

One last question: If, like your character, you knew you might have very little time left, what would be the one thing at the top of your bucket list? Is there that one thing you want to do or place you want to go? Why?
Such a wonderful question! I hope to find the sacred moments every step of the way so I will be able to look back with joy and clarity. And I would really like to go to Switzerland. I have so many books on Switzerland and friends who grew up there. I would like to hike through the Alps and visit Lake Lucerne while eating Swiss chocolates!


Q&A with Rachel Boston, Part 1

Posted By Tracy_Goldenberg 7:36pm GMT

From a small town in Tennessee to action-packed East End, Rachel Boston is making magic playing Ingrid Beauchamp on “Witches of East End.” Rachel is a lot like her character Ingrid - minus the whole witch thing. She’s friendly, smart, and I couldn’t wait to chat with her about all the magic happening so far in Season 1!

Ingrid begins the season a level-headed and rational woman, but as she learns more about herself, her powers, and her past lives, she seems to struggle with who she is in her current one and a more emotional side of her comes to the surface. Can you talk about her transformation throughout the season?
This season for Ingrid is about transformation, stepping into her power, and ultimately fulfilling her destiny. When the season begins, Ingrid is living a very sheltered and happy life as a librarian and then suddenly her world is turned upside down. She discovers who she really is and begins a journey deep into the secrets of her soul to uncover the mystery of her family. She struggles with the consequences of magic and learns from the dark and the light. And as the past comes to the surface, Ingrid has to face who she was and the choices she has made in her other lives and become who she truly is inside.

I think Ingrid is stronger than she ever imagined. Her soul has experienced so much growth during her other lifetimes, and I believe that's what gives her a deep capacity for love and compassion in this life. Now that she is moving out of her comfort zone and awakening to all that is possible, I think she will be able to forgive her past and find the courage to become a very brave woman in the world of magic. So deep down I think she's brave. Very brave.

There is a strong theme of feminine power in the show. Can you talk about that and how it is displayed by the Beauchamp women?
The Beauchamp women are all powerful witches with different gifts and unique voices. And there is deep loyalty in the family. I love the scene after Ingrid wakes up from her past life nightmare and her mom says, "We all have darkness inside of us." Joanna and Aunt Wendy know everything about who Ingrid and Freya are, and the mistakes they have made in other lives, and continue to encourage them to bring out their strength and the good from within. That's a very powerful message. You are forgiven for your past and you are now free to step into your power and live in the present.

Can you talk about the driving force of Ingrid’s powers - strength of mind, intellect, invention - and how that influences her throughout the season?
Ingrid is ruled by her mind, intellect, and invention, which has given her the ability to write her own spells to use magic in other lives. In this life, she is a librarian and has been studying witchcraft, so her journey is to take the knowledge she has from her studies and move it from her head to her heart and put it into action. Adam is a big part of this journey. She uses magic to bring back the man she loves and then finds the courage to let him go. The brownie spell that leads her into 1906 forces her to look at the choices she has made in the past. As she starts accepting herself, she begins to use her head and heart together to become the powerful witch she really is.

What are the biggest challenges and rewards of playing Ingrid?
Ingrid is growing and evolving so fast in the world of magic. The first few episodes she's just waking up to her new life so she gets hurt a lot. The spell to reverse the curse almost kills her. She wants to do anything she can to protect the people she loves, so there are a lot of tears and growing pains. It's very rewarding to play a woman who is facing everything she has inside. She's fun and smart and courageous, and I love time travel. It's very exciting to enter the unknown.

Who is your favorite witch or wizard in pop culture and why do you remember her/him?
Samantha from "Bewitched!" Love "Bewitched!" And Glinda the Good Witch. "You had the power all along, my dear."

You grew up in Tennessee. What made you want to pursue a career in Hollywood? What was that like for a small-town girl?
I moved from a mountain with one traffic light to New York City when I was 17 and it was an amazing, eye opening, creative adventure. I would walk through the streets of Manhattan looking up at these huge buildings, amazed that I didn't know a single person in any of them. I started to work in theater and then moved to Los Angeles for a show called American Dreams. I love storytelling so much and knew what I wanted to do, so I stayed focused and am very thankful to be doing what I love now.

Dash or Killian? Why?
Ingrid is on Team Trust Your Heart and Don't Marry the Destroyer. She wants Freya to be happy and safe. That's what's exciting and dangerous about the world of magic: We don't always know who is for the light or dark. And Ingrid is really hoping Freya will be able to figure it out. Where there's a witch, there's a way.

But who would you, Rachel, choose: the got-it-together Dash or the unpredictable and exciting Killian?
Oh my! My heart tends to be drawn to adventure so I understand the relationship with Killian. He's soulful, he's not bound to the expectations of society, he's free.

Check back after the season finale to read what Rachel has to say about the rest of Season 1 and her hopes for the magic that is to come on "Witches!"

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