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Q&A with Mädchen Amick

By Tracy_Goldenberg 07/10/2014 12:56PM GMT

Darkness is rising this year on "Witches of East End," which is evident based on Sunday’s bewitching Season 2 premiere. I caught up with our wittiest witch, Mädchen Amick, to chat all about playing Aunt Wendy, her hopes for Wendy's relationships this season, behind-the-scenes intel on her co-stars, what we can expect from upcoming episodes, and more. Check it out!

Instinct is the driving force behind Wendy’s powers. How did that influence her in Season 1? Do you think that may change in Season 2? If so, how and why?
She’s been alive a long time and her instinct is what drives her and it sometimes gets her into a lot of trouble. But she always has good intentions behind it, so she always kind of excuses it away and goes, “But you know I had the best intentions.” Season 2, since she’s on her last life, she has to slow herself down a little bit. She has the instinct to do something and then she has to kind of think it through: “Okay, is that going to end up getting me killed?” So she has to be a little more careful in Season 2.

You just touched on my next question. How do you think your character will change now that she's on her last life?
Wendy has a new plaything this season, a boy that she ends up liking a lot. Actually, her sister is the one who ends up nudging her a little bit more, saying, “You know what, you guys have something special. Don’t ruin it. It’s your last life. Make the most of every day.” It’s really getting to Wendy to take things a little more seriously.

How do you feel about Wendy’s nephew appearing this season?
It was a very interesting twist that happened, because in Season 1, Wendy was the one who was saying to Joanna, “You never know, you might be able to see him again one day, I miss him, I love him.” And [Joanna] was that one who was like, “No, we’ve turned our back on that part of our lives, we can never go back there, it’s too dangerous.” And then all of the sudden Frederick shows up on our front door, and Wendy’s the one who’s like, “Wait a minute, I don’t trust it, I don’t like it,” and he pulls at Joanna’s motherly heartstrings and so she’s the one who falls into wanting to believe him. Wendy’s definitely torn with her feelings about her nephew, but just not trusting the situation at all.

Are there any teasers you can give us regarding who was correct in trusting or not trusting him?
Throughout the whole season, he’s definitely straddling the fence between what his mission may be and his love for his family, and he’s being torn in a lot of different directions. It throws us as a family off our feet over and over again.

You often have some of the edgiest and funniest lines in the show. Is your sense of humor similar to Wendy’s?
They write [Wendy’s] lines so great. I think I would be egotistical to say that I’m as clever as Wendy, but I have a similar sense of humor, and a similar way of looking at things as she does.

Who is the funniest on the set?
I have to say that Eric Winter plays the most practical jokes.

Pretty much any time there’s a scene with me and Jenna, we can’t keep a straight face. So a lot of times we have to do scenes where we’re not really looking at each other. We get very giggly together.

Did you know Wendy had her own hashtag last season? #Wendyism.
Yeah it was really great, in fact there was - I forget what episode it was, it might have been Season 2; I had a really great line which, I won’t blow it, but I walked back to the writer and the director and I was like, “That’s a new #Wendyism, another #Wendyism has been born!”

Of your castmates, who is most like his or her character? Who is the most different?
We definitely all bring an essence of our personality. I think because of that fact that Eric is such a jokester, you don’t really get to see that with Dash, so he’s probably the most unlike his character.

I think Jenna is the closest to her character, because she really is a little fairy. She looks at everything – like, she sees signs; she has a thing with ladybugs where ladybugs will come to her when it’s a good omen and it always ends up being the case. She’s clearly a little Wiccan that she hasn’t admitted to the world yet.

You touched on this earlier: Can fans expect a more permanent love interest for your character this season? What characteristics do you think your onscreen love interest should have?
My onscreen love interest absolutely needs to have a sense of humor to keep up with Wendy and they definitely have found an actor who, no matter what I throw at him, even if it’s adlibbing stuff or doing something completely different than what’s written, Ignacio is right there. Right there with me, going along for the same ride. So it’s been fun.

So you get to improvise a little bit?
I always do, and a lot of times they really love it and they keep it. Just to keep things light. Even if it ends up not going in, it keeps the energy to the scenes.

What's the coolest supernatural scene you've shot?
During last night’s premiere, I was actually really excited to see Wendy morph from cat to human. That’s the first time we’ve seen that. So that was really exciting.

Were you self-conscious at all doing those scenes in which you popped up half-naked onscreen after transforming from a cat?
I don’t have a problem at all with it if it’s appropriate, and I think that the situations that they’ve put me in when I am naked end up almost being like a comedic beat. It’s nothing gratuitous. It’s been fun to play somebody with an attitude of “So I don’t have clothes, get over it.” I never like it when you see onscreen that actors are purposely having to cover their bits with an arm going this way or different things, so I always try to look as comfortable just putting it all out there on film as much as we can. And then the editors get the lovely job of having to piece it together so you don’t see the bits you’re not supposed to see.

Who is your favorite witch or wizard in pop culture and why?
Oh! Do you remember “Merlin” back in the late ‘90s? It was a miniseries.

I don’t, but maybe I have to watch it.
Oh my gosh. Queen Mab was the evil witch in that, and it was the best portrayal of a witch I’ve ever seen! Ever since then it’s been burned in my brain as an inspiration.

If you could have one magical power, what would it be and why?
I know the sort of stereotypical thing is flying because that is pretty amazing. I love travel, but I don’t necessarily like taking the 20-hour flight around the world, so I would love to be able to just quickly transport myself. “I want to go to Bali this weekend, I want to go to Hawaii next” - I would love that.

If, like Freya and Ingrid, you knew you might have very little time left – they’re cursed to die at the age of 30 – what would be at the top of your bucket list? Is there that one thing you want to do or place you want to go?
I think it would have to do with travel again. I haven’t been to Asia at all, Southeast Asia or anything like that, so I think I would probably want to do that. My dad and I had this agreement that when we were retired we were going to meet at some tropical location. He’s passed away since, so we’ve made this new pact that we will meet in an afterlife at a tropical location.

My dad was a traveling musician and he was sort of taking me around the world when I was young. I think I went to Guam at [age] 8. I’m already an adventurous spirit anyway because I’m a Sagittarian, but he started showing me the world and just opened up my mind, like, wow, there’s just so much out there, so many cultures. So I really love it.

What are the biggest challenges and rewards of playing Wendy?
Probably a challenge is that I do have to stay in good shape, decent shape, since I do morph and lose my clothes a lot. On the one hand it gives me motivation to stay in shape, but it is a challenge. It’s like, “Do you really want to have that donut? You know that next week you have to be naked!” So that’s the challenge.

The reward is just her free spirit and feeling as an actor that you can try anything and the writers, producers, directors all embrace keeping it fluid and trying anything. It just makes you feel appreciated as an actor.

What three words would you use to describe Wendy?
Loyal. Quick-tempered. Passionate.

Can you hint at anything to come in Season 2? At the end of Season 1 there was a lot happening. The door to Asgard was opened, Joanna and Victor were reunited, Freya chose Killian, who was left for dead by Dash. What are your hopes for these storylines, what would you love to see happen?
What’s really fun about this season is we had a pretty gigantic foe we were dealing with - our arch enemy. And I have to say they’ve upped the ante. We have an even bigger arch enemy. It’s pretty epic and it ends up showing a lot of the family history, where we came from, and we’re going to have to make some really hard decisions.

I just love that it always comes back to the core of protecting each other as our small little coven of four witches. As much as we’re trying to live our lives as normally as we can and have relationships, everything that we do in the end is to keep each other safe as a family. It’s going to be a really great season.

Is there anything else you want to add?
In this next season, we’re all in some form of a relationship. You get to see a lot of history with different relationships and flashbacks, some exes, some skeletons in the closet. As much as want to be empowering women who don’t need men, or don’t need significant others, we do have to juggle our hearts and be careful not to get ourselves in too much trouble. Keep our heads on the straight and narrow and not listen to our hearts all the time, which is hard.