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Went to a Garden Potty

Will (Eric McCormack) returns from his parents house with bad news: they have separated and are selling their house. The good news is Will inherits his beloved gnome statue "Squatsie". Grace (Debra Messing) won't allow it in the apartment, so they put it in their community garden plot. There, they have a run-in with a mean gardener (Peter Mackenzie). Later, Grace accidentally breaks the gnome, and blames it on the mean guy. Will, seeking revenge, pees on the mean guy's prize-winning lettuces, and gets caught in the act. Grace admits the truth about the gnome. The mean guy says he's nasty just because he lost his job, and everybody hugs.
Stan's former partner Norman (Tom Poston) asks Karen (Megan Mullally) for money to make a television commercial for his company "Senor Mattress". Karen agrees and reluctantly casts Jack (Sean Hayes) as a heterosexual. After seeing the commercial, Karen wants Jack to star in another ad. Jack refuses; he is afraid of being typecast. He consults with his acting coach (Eileen Brennan), Zandra, who scolds him for turning down a paying job and suggests that he beg for another chance. Karen says no, and she decides to put herself in the commercial.