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The Pilot

Grace (Debra Messing) decides to break up with her boyfriend, Danny, but instead gets engaged to marry him. Will (Eric McCormack) confides in Jack (Sean Hayes), telling him that he thinks she's making a terrible mistake. Against Jack's advice, Will can't help but tell Grace how he feels about the impending marriage. Grace, hurt, tells Will to go to hell. Will decides to change his tune and support Grace's decision, but it's too late; he is informed by Karen (Megan Mullally) that she's already at City Hall getting married. But Grace arrives at her office unexpectedly, having left Danny at the altar. She couldn't go through with it and blames Will for ruining everything, accusing him of wanting her to be alone just like he is. Grace comes to her senses and apologizes to Will. Will reassures her that her "Mr. Right" will come along some day.