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A Chorus Lie

Jack (Sean Hayes) is a finalist for the Manhattan Gay Men's Chorus, and his biggest competition is Owen (Matt Damon). Jack notices Owen looking at a woman, so he sets out to prove that Owen is straight. Later, Jack convinces Grace (Debra Messing) to flirt with Owen. They start kissing, and Jack opens the door and snaps a photo. Owen tricks Jack into exposing the film, so the evidence is gone. At the next chorus practice, Jack announces that Owen is straight. Owen admits he's straight to the group, and says that he just wants to sing. Since the group has a policy of tolerance, the chorus leader chooses Owen as the newest member.
With Stan in prison, Karen (Megan Mullally) is left dateless for the annual Valentine's Day Party. Will (Eric McCormack) feels for her, so he accompanies her to the event. Beverly Leslie (Leslie Jordan) teases Karen about being alone, and Karen ends up announcing that Will is her gigolo. Other women at the hotel ask if Will is taking on new "clients". Thinking that they are in need of legal services, he plays along. When Karen tells Will the truth, he leaves the hotel. Later that night, Karen is left alone for the Spotlight Dance, but Will shows up last minute to dance with her.