Cast & Characters


CHARACTER: Grace Adler

Co-dependent on gay best friend Will, Grace is frugal, ultra neurotic and romantically challenged.

Debra Messing


CHARACTER: Will Truman

Sexy, smart and usually single. The truth? Will is a know-it-all and meddler, but gal pal Grace still finds him lovable.

Eric McCormack

McCormack is best known for his Emmy® Award-winning portrayal of Will Truman on NBC's "Will & Grace," which ended its eight-year run this May. This spring also marks the release of his film "The Sisters," for which he won Best Actor at Atlanta's Dixie Film Festival. McCormack's short film "Pirates" made the short list for Oscar® consideration in 2002, and he's preparing to shoot his feature script "What You Wish For" this summer. In 2004, with producing partner Michael Forman, he formed Big Cattle Productions, which has projects in development at NBC, UPN and USA, as well as "Lovespring" for Lifetime. This May, he will star in the stage play "Some Girl(s)" by Neil LaBute in New York City.


CHARACTER: Jack McFarland

He puts the D in drama queen and is the perfect sidekick for Karen.(Crazy loves crazy!)

Sean Hayes


CHARACTER: Karen Walker

Grace's hedonistic assistant has a passion for bucks, booze, babes and abusing maid Rosario.

Megan Mullally