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Vanished Safety ResourcesNatalee Holloway Resource Center (NHRC)
The National Museum of Crime & Punishment and Beth Holloway have partnered together to form the Natalee Holloway Resource Center (NHRC). NHRC focuses on education and crime prevention. NHRC is not a recovery center. In the event that a loved one does go missing, NHRC will assist families in obtaining necessary resources to make their search easier within the first 48 hours.

Mayday 360
Beth Holloway became a public figure when her daughter Natalee disappeared in 2005 during a spring break trip to Aruba. At that time, Beth was forced to become an expert in international law and safety, and she brings this firsthand experiences and expertise to Mayday 360. Mayday 360 provides the only travel support of its kind. Developed by travel security professionals with decades of experience, Mayday gets you the assistance and guidance you need no matter where you are in the world.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, (NCMEC), is a private, (501)(c)(3) nonprofit organization which was created in 1984. The mission of the organization is to serve as the nation’s resource on the issues of missing and sexually exploited children. The organization provides information and resources to law enforcement, parents, children including child victims as well as other professionals.

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