Safety Tips

General Safety Tips

  • • If you feel uncomfortable about a person or situation, walk away immediately.
  • • Do not leave your name on your outgoing answering machine/voicemail message. Make sure that someone always knows where you are.
  • • Consider carrying spare cash or a second wallet when venturing into an unfamiliar area. You can use this to pay off an assailant without losing anything of value.
  • • Leave non-essential credit cards at home and never flash your cash.
  • • Be wary of giving money to beggars. Professional criminals watch where you keep your money and then pickpocket you later.
  • • Try not to carry a purse. If you must carry a purse, hang it diagonally across your body and hold it at all times with one arm. If you are attacked for your purse, give it up immediately.
  • • If you suspect foul play, do not attempt to intervene yourself. Go and get help.
  • • If you are the victim of foul play, cooperate with your attacker and remember as many details as possible. (Visit here for more tips on what to do if you witness a crime.)

Outdoor Exercise Tips

  • • Exercise in familiar, populated areas and vary your routine.
  • • Don't wear expensive jewelry or carry a lot of cash.
  • • If possible, exercise with a partner or a dog.
  • • Try not to wear headphones — they will impair your ability to hear an attacker.
  • • Bring some form of identification with you. If you have no place to carry it, write your name, emergency contact and medical information in your shoe or on an article of clothing.
  • • If asked for directions, be sure to stand a full arm's length away from the car.
  • • If you think you are being followed, head for the nearest open business.
  • • Always have your door key ready before you reach your door.

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