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Designers' Choice: Season 1, Episode 1

By laurareineke Wed., Jan. 22, 2014 ,5:18 pm EST

Exclusive! The Season 1 designers pick who they think created the best and worst looks each week!

TOP Michelle "She strayed true to her aesthetic while pushing the boundaries of the challenge."
BOTTOM Oscar "His style was in poor taste, yet was constructed fabulously. Double-edged sword."

TOP Shan Keith "Loved the urban chic look and feel of his garment."
BOTTOM Natalia "There was a lot of technique but it looked a little dated and messy to me."

TOP Michelle "I like her style."
BOTTOM Natalia "Poor time management."

TOP Blake "I think he did a great job on his design and styling."
BOTTOM Natalia "I really am not sure what her final look is like. It may be great, I just don't know."

TOP Camila "Her look is very modern and creative. Good use of fabrics."
BOTTOM Shan Keith "His look is boring and trendy. Seen it before."

TOP Camila "Beautiful, precise, clean. Great execution of the challenge."
BOTTOM Blake "Too sporty."

TOP Michelle "I just like her look. It's modern and chic."
BOTTOM Natalia "I don't see a finished garment."

Shan Keith
TOP Blake "The way this his dress is draped at the top and how it fits are so elegant."
BOTTOM Natalia "I don't think she had enough time to complete the look she was hoping for."