Tori's Truths

Tori Spelling

Think you know Tori Spelling? Guess again! Learn these fun facts about the actress!

•Tori says her favorite "90210" scenes to film were ones that were shot at the Peach Pit/Peach Pit After Dark.

•She auditioned for "90210" (originally for the role of Kelly Taylor!) under the name "Tori Mitchell" hoping that the casting producers wouldn't recognize her as the daughter of the show's producer, Aaron Spelling.

•Her first on-screen role was at age 6 on her father's show "Vega$."

•Tori has an online lifestyle magazine, ediTORIal, which is a forum for crafts, recipes, style ideas, and more.

•Every night she checks under her bed for the Boogeyman.

•Ironically, Tori loves horror films.

•Her childhood Halloween costumes were made by "Dynasty" costume designer Nolan Miller.

•Tori is an ordained minister.

•If she wasn't an actress, Tori says she'd be a stylist.

•She writes her blogs and books on her iPhone so she can "be with my family and writing."

•Her godfather is Dean Martin.

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