Resume tipsNow that you’ve found your career interests, the Fairy Jobmother, Hayley Taylor, walks you through the keys to a successful resume:

1. Your resume enables you to sell yourself to a prospective employer. It must be presentable and filled with plenty of essential content.

2. Do not make your resume elaborate, long or difficult to read. This may confuse, distract or even bore the employer and lead to your resume landing on the "no" pile.

3. Avoid fancy margins, fonts and boxes.

4. Focus on the content! This is what the employer will be looking for.

5. Keep an eye on your grammar and punctuation.

6. Keep the tense of your writing the same throughout.

7. Use only top-quality paper when you print out your resume. A watermarked cream paper will feel and look more effective in comparison to standard white printing paper.

8. If you are applying for a position that involves conveying a certain image — for example, a beauty consultant — do not be afraid to attach a passport-sized photograph. Image is an important aspect within this field of work, and if they like what they see you might just get called in for an interview.

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