Career expert Hayley Taylor is taking on one family at a time to deal with employment issues head on. Here's a snapshot of the families featured in each episode and why they desperately need a Fairy Jobmother wake-up call:

Episode 1: Aughe Family

Aired October 28 at 11 pm et/pt

• Shawn Aughe (Age 25), unemployed three years & Michelle Aughe (Age 27), unemployed five years
• Location: Hanford, CA
• Currently living on welfare, receiving $788 a month
• Why they need the Fairy Jobmother: Shawn and Michelle are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and feed their two young children. Their home and marriage is in a constant state of disarray and the once carefree and confident couple fear the end of the last extension of welfare and feel the strain on their marriage.

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Episode 2: Bethe Family

Aired November 4 at 9 pm et/pt

• Paul Bethe (Age 33), unemployed two years & Melissa Bethe (Age 24), unemployed five years
• Location: Slidell, LA
• Why they need the Fairy Jobmother: Living a picture perfect life in New Orleans, Paul and Melissa’s world was turned upside down when Hurricane Katrina hit. Evacuating the city without packing their belongings was only supposed to be a temporary solution, until a friend told them not to come back because their house was gone. Now living in a small duplex, neither is currently working so bills are not getting paid, which is putting their marriage in serious jeopardy. To top it off, their three children are painfully aware of the family’s financial situation and can feel the strain it puts on Paul and Melissa’s relationship.

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Episode 3: Senior Family

Aired November 11 at 9 pm et/pt

• Ray Senior (Age 42), unemployed six months & Deanna Senior (Age 40), unemployed two and a half years
• Location: Rancho Mirage, CA
• Why they need the Fairy Jobmother: Ray and Deanna were former high school sweethearts that have been together for more than 13 years. With four kids and thriving careers, they were living the good life until 2008 when Deanna was laid off. Although Ray was still working, they found it a struggle to pay the rent and were forced to move in with Ray’s parents. Now both are unemployed and desperately looking for a way out of their current situation. Deanna, once a beauty queen, has lost all motivation and stopped wearing make up and instead dons sweats on a daily basis and goes back to bed after getting the kids ready for school. Ray’s parents are also ready to have their privacy back but there is no end if sight if Deanna and Ray don’t find employment soon.

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Episode 4: Wood Family

Aired November 18 at 11 pm et/pt

• Joel Wood (Age 36), employed in construction & Amber Wood (Age 29), unemployed for the past year
• Location: Covina, CA
• Why they need the Fairy Jobmother: Amber has found herself stuck in a downward spiral since losing her construction job. She suffers from heightened emotions and lack of confidence. Too embarrassed by her situation to engage with her friends, she avoids most social interactions. Having lost her motivation to keep up appearances, she has started gaining weight and has allowed the house become a complete mess.