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Get hired by following these Fairy Jobmother employment tipsShould I write a cover letter? What will I be asked during an interview? ...What do I wear?! Experts in career, fashion and beauty have teamed up with Fairy Jobmother, Hayley Taylor, to provide the ultimate round-up of tips — from your first steps in your job search, to interview etiquette and what to wear (and not!) on the big day. Check out our guide to find a new job to learn cover letter, resume and interviewing tricks!

Meet Hayley TaylorAmerica, meet Hayley Taylor, international career specialist, a.k.a. the Fairy Jobmother!

Find out what this no-nonsense British import is all about, and get to know the "Hayleyisms" you'll hear as she transforms each family's life and gets them back on the road to financial and emotional recovery.

The Fairy Jobmother Episode GuideCheck out the "The Fairy Jobmother" episode guide to learn more about the featured families from the show and their struggles with unemployment only Fairy Jobmother Hayley Taylor could help fix.

The Fairy Jobmother official Facebook pageGet the latest show news and updates on "The Fairy Jobmother's" official Facebook page! Unite with fellow fans of the show and connect with those on their very own job searches.

Learn time management with the Fairy Jobmother app

"The Fairy Jobmother" app shows you how to turn wasted hours into productivity to help you land your dream job. Take the Time Suck Quiz and start using "The Fairy Jobmother" Kickstart Your Life App today!

At one of the most challenging economic times in U.S. history, Lifetime Television brings relief to families who have struggled with unemployment with its new unscripted series, "The Fairy Jobmother," featuring international career specialist Hayley Taylor. More about "The Fairy Jobmother" »