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The Client List Episode 10

Episode: 10

Past is Prologue

Original Airdate: June 17, 2012 Kyle returns to find Riley and the family he abandoned anything but welcoming. Meanwhile, Riley is entrusted with the reins of The Rub of Sugar Land after Georgia is tipped off that authorities have her on their radar. This added new authority, however, puts Riley's secret life in jeopardy of being exposed. Guest starring: Betty White, Paul Dooley, Elisabeth Rohm, Greg Grunberg and Trevor St. John.

The Client List Episode 9

Episode: 9

Acting Up

Original Airdate: June 10, 2012 Riley gives romance a try with the very charming and ever persistent Dr. Mark. But what starts as an elegant date at a country club event, ends with her past coming back, turning Riley's world upside-down. Meanwhile, Dee Ann lands in hot water when she gets involved with a high-powered client. And Linette and Lacey face their first day of the "Reign of Taylor" at the Curl Up & Dry. Guest starring: Elisabeth Rohm, Jon Prescott and Eric Mabius.

The Client List Episode 8

Episode: 8

Games People Play

Original Airdate: June 3, 2012 Tensions grow between Riley and her co-worker, Selena, when Selena and Evan begin dating. Meanwhile, Riley considers the lack of a male role model in the house when her son, Travis, gets caught in a "curious situation" with Taylor's daughter. Riley lends advice to one of her clients, a rodeo cowboy, when his relationship hits a wall. Linette tries to compete with Taylor when she applies for a loan to buy the salon. Guest starring: Elisabeth Rohm

The Client List Episode 7

Episode: 7

Life of Riley

Original Airdate: May 20, 2012 A co-worker's announcement to elope leads Riley to wonder about the imperfections of her marriage with Kyle. Meanwhile, the Curl Up & Dry Salon is up for sale, but Linette and Lacey balk at the prospective new buyer. Lacey (Rebecca Field) reveals she has also been hiding a secret from Riley. Riley is concerned about a new girl in Evan's life. Riley coaches an insecure client on some basic dating techniques. Guest starring: Elisabeth Rohm.

The Client List Episode 6

Episode: 6

The Cold Hard Truth

Original Airdate: May 13, 2012 Georgia puts Riley and the Spa Girls on high alert after she begins to suspect the police may be planning a raid at The Rub of Sugar Land. Meanwhile, Riley's two worlds collide when a friend finds Riley's hidden stash of cash. Dale encourages Evan to come clean about his feelings for Riley, just as she starts to bond with a fellow single dad from school. Guest starring: Greg Grunberg and Trevor St. John.

The Client List Episode 5

Episode: 5

Try, Try Again

Original Airdate: May 6, 2012 A massage mishap breaks the ice with a sexy, eligible client, leaving Riley to wonder if she's ready to start dating. Meanwhile, Linette's relationship with Garrett seems headed for the long haul until damaging secrets from Garrett's past force Riley to intervene.

The Client List Episode 4

Episode: 4

Ring True

Original Airdate: April 29, 2012 When Linette is made co-chair of a Beaumont social event, Riley balks at facing the community and the rumors about Kyle. Meanwhile, a law student comes to The Rub of Sugar Land looking for extras, and Riley delivers — only to discover he’s connected to one of her co-workers, putting their secret in jeopardy. Guest-starring Elisabeth Rohm.

The Client List Episode 3

Episode: 3

Tough Love

Original Airdate: April 22, 2012 Riley’s new career starts to take off when she gets promoted at The Rub of Sugar Land. But when her daughter starts acting up at school, Riley struggles to find the balance of being a responsible single mom and a newly minted manager. Riley also has a conflict of interest in her new position when she discovers Selena is bending the rules with some of her clients. Evan learns an important piece of information about Kyle and must figure out a way to break the news to Riley.

The Client List Episode 2

Episode: 2

Turn the Page

Original Airdate: April 15, 2012 Riley stumbles upon the phone number of a mystery woman from her husband’s past, leaving her to wonder if he was having an affair before he disappeared. Riley blows off some steam at a local bar with some of the girls from work. And, a new client named “The Camel” finds a week of comfort from Riley while he’s on leave from work. Meanwhile, Riley’s mom, Linette, embarks on a new romance with fellow churchgoer, Garrett.

The Client List Episode 1

Episode: 1

The Rub of Sugar Land

Original Airdate: April 8, 2012 After being deserted by her husband, Texas housewife Riley Parks takes a job at a seemingly traditional day spa only to learn that sexual favors are being offered there on the side. Conflicted at first, she seizes the opportunity and takes the job, balancing two starkly different lives — one as a single mom in a conservative town struggling to provide for her family — and the other as a masseuse working with a rowdy and unpredictable group of women.

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