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Sneak of the Week: Season 2, Episode 12

Posted By kim_messina 11:05am GMT

In the episode titled, "When I Say I Do," with Georgia and Harold's wedding fast approaching, Riley is consumed with wedding preparations. Kyle continues to search for a way to help his family and relieve some of Riley's financial burden. Meanwhile, Evan and Trimble go undercover in a massage parlor as part of a prostitution investigation. Shelby and Evan face challenges in their relationship. Selena and Derek attempt friendship at Georgia's wedding. Dale plans a bold maneuver for Lacey. At the Rub of Sugarland, Riley helps her client Adam, a sexy fireman, with his marital problems.

"When I Say I Do" airs Sunday, June 2 at 10/9c. Watch a sneak peek in which Riley calms Georgia down when she gets cold feet during her wedding:

View pictures from the episode:

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