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Countdown to Season 2: Spotlight on Linette

Posted By kim_messina 10:00am GMT

If there was one person Riley could depend on in Season 1, it was her mother Linette (Cybill Shepherd). Linette is a hairdresser at the local salon, the Curl Up & Dry Salon, and in the middle of Season 1, the salon went up for sale. Linette tried to buy it, however, she lost it to conservative southern belle Taylor Berkhalter.

Linette's been married multiple times and in Season 1, she dated fellow churchgoer Garrett. And even though he seemed like a nice guy, Riley's boss Georgia did some research on Garrett and discovered that he embezzled money from the church. Linette sent him packing soon thereafter.

View Linette's best moments in pictures:
-Season 1, Episode 7: Life of Riley
-Season 1, Episode 4: Ring True

Lacey struggles with her own issues of motherhood this season.

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Countdown to Season 2: Spotlight on Riley

Posted By kim_messina 10:00am GMT

Riley Parks' describes herself as a "small town girl who LOVES karaoke, a good margarita and my two kids Katie and Travis." But as we learned in the first season of "The Client List," Riley (Jennifer Love Hewitt) tends to have problems that even a stiff drink can't fix. In the premiere episode, Riley's husband, Kyle, deserts his family, leaving Riley to be the sole provider. After taking a job at a seemingly traditional day spa, The Rub of Sugar Land, Riley quickly learns the way to make the big bucks is the offer sexual favors to her clients on the side. Conflicted, Riley seizes the opportunity, takes the job and starts her double life as a conservative Texas single mom and masseuse.

With a support group consisting of her mother Linette, brother-in-law Evan, boss Georgia and best friend Lacey, Riley often found it hard to keep her life at the spa a secret—clients' wives would accuse her of being the "other woman," Riley would run into clients at social events around town and her family became increasingly curious as to why she'd have to drop everything suddenly to go to The Rub.

As tensions grew between Riley in her loved ones, so did her romantic feelings for Evan. At the end of the season, the pair shared a passonate kiss...only to have ex-husband Kyle return to his family, leaving Riley more conflicted than ever. In Season 2, Riley must walk the fine line between her anger and love for Kyle and the feelings she has for Evan.

View Riley's best moments in pictures:
-Season 1, Episode 1: The Rub of Sugar Land
-Season 1, Episode 3: Tough Love
-Season 1, Episode 5: Try, Try Again
-Season 5, Episode 7: Life of Riley
-Season 1, Episode 10: Past is Prologue

In the first episode, Riley comes face-to-face with Kyle and his problems.

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Photos: Breakfast with Love

Posted By kim_messina 5:41pm GMT

Celebrating love with Love? Sounds like perfect combination! Yesterday, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Loretta Divine spent Valentine's Day celebrating the second season of "The Client List" with the press. "Breakfast with Love" (get it?!) was held at Mel's Diner on the Sunset Strip, where a billboard for TCL sits right above.

And of course, it wouldn't be a "Client List" event without hunky men, who were on-hand to hand out copies of Jennifer's single "I'm A Woman." (If you haven't seen the music video, do yourself a favor and click here.)

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First Look: Season 2's Steamy Poster!

Posted By kim_messina 2:50am GMT

So many men, so little time! Oh the life of Riley Parks!

Here's your first look at the poster for Season 2. Go ahead...wipe the drool away—I'll wait. In Season 2, Riley is conflicted as she deals with both anger and love for ex-husband Kyle and romantic feelings for her brother-in-law Evan. Riley also takes a larger role at the spa, resulting in added power, responsibility and burden, further complicating her double life.

"The Client List" returns March 10 at 10.9c!

What do you want to see happen on Season 2?


"The Client List" Returns March 10

Posted By kim_messina 12:20pm GMT

The Client List - Jennifer Love Hewitt

The wait is over—Riley Parks is back! "The Client List," starring and executive produced by Jennifer Love Hewitt, will return for its second season on Sunday, March 10, at 10/9c. Leading up to "The Client List’s" return, Lifetime will air mini-marathons of the series’ first season on Sunday, March 3, and Sunday, March 10.

So what's in store for Riley, Evan and their family? This season, Riley must walk the fine line between her anger and love for Kyle and the romantic feelings she has for her brother-in-law Evan. Riley also takes a larger role at the spa, resulting in added power, responsibility and burden, further complicating her life. New threats abound this season and trust becomes an overwhelming issue for Riley as everyone, even those she believes she can count on the most, seems to be hiding their own secret.

What do you want to see happen in Season 2?


Win a "Client List" Poster Signed by Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Posted By kim_messina 10:12am GMT

The Client List PosterAre you a fan of "The Client List?" Now you can win a "Client List" poster signed by Jennifer Love Hewitt!

All you have to do is follow @lifetimetv on Twitter and get ready to tweet your favorite moments from Season 1 (as directed at noon each day by @lifetimetv). Each day this week from Tuesday to Friday from 12pm et/4pm et we will be asking you to share a different moment from this season and we will select our favorite tweet each day and contact you via direct message. For the official rules please click here.

Get ready to tweet and don’t forget to tune in for the season finale on Sunday at 10/9c!


Tune-In Alert: "The Client List" Marathon on June 11!

Posted By kim_messina 1:55pm GMT

Tune-In Alert:

With just two episodes left of this season of "The Client List" (Don't worry, it's coming back for Season 2!), this Monday, June 11, Lifetime is airing a "Client List" marathon so fans can get up to speed with Riley and her crazy double life.

"The Client List" marathon starts at 12/11c and will feature all nine episodes from Season 1 including: "Turn the Page," "Try, Try Again," "Life of Riley" and "Games People Play."

The season finale of "The Client List" airs Sunday, June 17 at 10/9c.

What's been your favorite episode of "The Client List" so far?


First Look at Betty White on "The Client List"

Posted By kim_messina 1:50pm GMT

Betty White on The Client List

Welcome to the Rub of Sugar Land, Betty! Here's your first look at the "Golden Girl's" guest appearance on the season finale of "The Client List." Betty will play Ruth Gibbons, the feisty wife of one of Riley’s clients who gives Riley some unique insight about how to make a marriage last.

"She's even more amazing than you want her to be. She's just awesome. It was really, really cool," star Jennifer Love Hewitt says. "She was really funny the first day. She came into the trailer and we hadn't really met yet. It was 5 o'clock in the morning and we had rollers in the hair and she just sits down in the chair and goes, 'So, what's it like not being the pretty one in the trailer anymore.'"

The season finale of "The Client List" airs Sunday, June 17 at 10/9c.

Do you think Betty White should become a regular cast member on "The Client List"? (I know I do!)


Free Download of Jennifer Love Hewitt's "Big Spender"!

Posted By kim_messina 10:41am GMT

Free Download of Jennifer Love Hewitt's Big Spender

Still buzzing over Jennifer Love Hewitt's music video for "The Client List"? Can't get the song "Big Spender" out of your head? Well, have no fear — I got your back!

You can download JLH's catchy tune for FREE on myLifetime.com. Right click this link to get the track.

And while you're at it, check out the steamy music video (Um — is it possible to also download one of those hot guys?!):

Do you like Jennifer Love Hewitt's version of "Big Spender"? What other songs would you like her to sing for "The Client List"?


"The Hunger Games" Star Josh Hutcherson Loves "The Client List"!

Posted By kim_messina 11:36am GMT

Josh HutchersonLet's face it — "The Client List" is the most addictive show on television. And I'm not the only one who feels that way. After breaking his nose while training for the second "Hunger Games" flick "Catching Fire," star Josh Hutcherson Tweeted that all needed to get better was a little TLC... Love standing for Jennifer Love Hewitt, that is!

"Just had surgery to fix my broken nose. recovery sucks...thank god for a marathon on lifetime...#theclientlist thanks @thereal_jlh," Josh (@jhutch1992) Tweeted.

So now that we've established that JHutch is a big fan of JLove, how about a little Peeta action at The Rub of Sugar Land? I mean, the District 12 Tribute and Hunger Games victor must need a massage after those long nights in the arena, right?!

In your dream world, what kind of character would Josh Hutcherson play if he was to guest star on "The Client List"? Would he be a client?

Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images