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Countdown to Season 2: Spotlight on The Rub of Sugar Land

By Tracy_Goldenberg 03/03/2013 10:00AM GMT

You get much more than you bargain for when you go to get a massage at The Rub of Sugar Land! If you're lucky enough, "a little something extra" might come your way and you can earn a spot on the Client List. The spa team is led by Georgia and Riley, who was made manager in Season 1. The spa girls include:

Selena: Selena is the one who recommended Riley for the job. Selena offers "extra services" to her clients inside and outside of the spa. Selena started to sabotage Riley, like changing her appointments in the computer, after Riley was given more responsibility at The Rub. Selena also had a fling with Evan.

Jolene: Another masseuse at the spa, she does not give extras.

Kendra: Working hard to pay for her wedding, Kendra's fiance has no idea about what kind of services are given at the spa. Riley unintentionally gave an "extra service" to Kendra's fiance's good friend, which almost exposed her real job.

View the spa girl's Season 1 moments in pictures:
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An interesting take on a massage. Was it the client’s idea or Riley’s?

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