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Countdown to Season 2: Spotlight on Season 1 Social Events

By Tracy_Goldenberg 03/08/2013 10:00AM GMT

Everyone who is anyone makes an appearance at every Beaumont social event, no matter the circumstance. If you're a no-show, be prepared for the entire town to start buzzing about your personal life. And that's how Linette convinced Riley to go to Linette's benefit in Episode 4. Thanks to Mary Sue Bernard, who broke her hip, Linette was made co-chair with "that shrewd" Taylor Berkhalter. Riley did not want to go at first, saying that it would be weird to be there without Kyle. But Linette reminded Riley that "people will talk" and that she will be known as the "poor girl who's husband ran off," so begrudgingly, Riley went and Evan agreed to be her date. (He ended up missing the dance because of a job interview.)

To cover Riley's secret, Linette told Taylor that Kyle got a promotion in Dallas and that's why he hasn't been home. But their cover was blown when Riley decided to come clean and told everyone that he left weeks ago.

Riley also went out on the town in Episode 9 on her first date with Dr. Mark Flemming. The pair went to the Country Club. Read more about their date here.

View the Season 1's social events in pictures:
-Season 1, Episode 9: Acting Up
-Season 1, Episode 4: Ring True

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