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Countdown to Season 2: Spotlight on Season 1 Clients

By Tracy_Goldenberg 03/05/2013 10:00AM GMT

Wade, The Camel, Don, Grant, Josh, Nathan, Geoffrey, Derek, Luke and Ruth, oh my! Whether they just wanted to talk of got a "little something extra," Riley's clients certainly had everyone talking last season. Here's our refresher course. (No really, thank us later—it was a hard day at the office researching these shirtless guys...and Betty White.):

Wade (Episode 1): This oil business man turned real estate mogul had abs of steel, chiseled jawline and grey-green eyes. But the poor guy was super lonely because he travels so much. He promised to bring Riley back something from Paris.

TJ aka The Camel (Episode 2): Riley declared him "one of the most adorable guys in Sugar Land." This operations manager of the Offshore Oil Rig in The Gulf also plays amateur baseball and loves country music.

Don (Episode 3): After high school in Texas, Don moved to Denver for college where he played hockey. He was gonna go pro but discovered a passion for business and never looked back. However, he was recently fired (and also recently divorced).

Grant (Episode 4): Good friends with fellow Spa Girls Kendra's fiance, Grant hinted to Riley that he was going to give away their secret. But after a little persuasion from Riley, he kept his lips sealed.

Josh (Episode 5): Josh walked into the massage room with a book on tape. He owns a BBQ restaurant and has a serious passion for food. In fact, his biggest turn on is a nice rack (of ribs).

Nathan (Episode 6): At a young age, Nathan's mom ditched their family and his dad turned to drinking and took all his anger out on Nathan. Nathan eventually went to live with his grandparents and never spoke to his dad again.

Geoffrey (Episode 7): Originally from Seattle, Geoffrey moved to Sugar Land after being scouted by my client Hank to run the technical support side of his energy company. Riley set up a faux date with him to make him feel more comfortable with asking girls out.

Derek (Episode 8 - pictured): The only boy in a family of seven girls, Derek has a lot of wisdom about girls—which is great for his girlfriend, Skyler.

Luke (Episode 9): Riley used to babysit "Lukey" when he was younger. Now as an adult, Luke traveled to Bali where he studied technique under a world-renowned yogi. Luke's also best friends with Kendra and harbored romantic feelings for her.

Ruth (Episode 10): Wife (well, almost ex) of Riley's client Earl, Ruth had been trapped in a loveless marriage since the 1960s. She met new crush Bud with lawn bowling with the girls and instantly became smitten. She hopes to marry him.

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Who could Riley be talking about?

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