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Countdown to Season 2: Spotlight on Riley's Romances

By Tracy_Goldenberg 03/06/2013 10:00AM GMT

It took some time for Riley to get over the shock of Kyle leaving her, but by Episode 5, she was ready to jump back in the dating saddle. Well, actually it was Riley's first time dating ever—Kyle was her high school sweetheart.

In Episode 5, Riley's client Josh asked her out, but Riley was hesitant at first, only saying maybe. Josh went the extra step and left behind a cell phone with just his number saved on it for Riley as a gift. With a push by the Spa Girls, Riley called Josh and said yes to a date. The two met up and while they hit it off, Josh realized that Kyle could come back at any time and the two decided to end things before they begin.

In Episode 9, Riley went on a date with Dr. Mark Flemming, a single-father widower who is the dad of Katie's classmate, Zack. They went a date at the Country Club, where Evan and Selena crashed. Mark asked the pair to join them, and Selena had a bad attitude the whole time. Evan eventually left the situation and Mark told Riley that Selena would never get membership to the club because she is not "club material." Riley is offended by his remarks, left and met up with Evan. Evan and Riley had their first kiss that night.

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Who do you think Riley should choose?

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