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Countdown to Season 2: Spotlight on New Faces

By kim_messina Mon., Mar. 4, 2013 ,10:00 am EST

Two new faces are coming to The Rub in Season 2: Derek Malloy (Rob Mayes) and Nikki Shannon (Laura-Leigh).

Derek is a hot and sexy rodeo sports therapist who becomes the first male masseur at The Rub. Derek is a former Army vet, who covers the psychic scars of battle with humor and an enthusiasm for his new job: being the only man working alongside a bunch of stunning women.

Nikki is Riley's newest hire at The Rub of Sugar Land. Spa Girl Nikki has a fresh face and perky personality to match. It's easy to assume she's the type of girl who would grow up to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but make no mistake, there's much more to this girl than meets the eye. She's got a knack for numbers and math and enrolls in school part time to learn accounting.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alicia Langano with new cast member Laura-Leigh at The Rub.

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