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Countdown to Season 2: Spotlight on Linette

By Tracy_Goldenberg 02/25/2013 10:00AM GMT

If there was one person Riley could depend on in Season 1, it was her mother Linette (Cybill Shepherd). Linette is a hairdresser at the local salon, the Curl Up & Dry Salon, and in the middle of Season 1, the salon went up for sale. Linette tried to buy it, however, she lost it to conservative southern belle Taylor Berkhalter.

Linette's been married multiple times and in Season 1, she dated fellow churchgoer Garrett. And even though he seemed like a nice guy, Riley's boss Georgia did some research on Garrett and discovered that he embezzled money from the church. Linette sent him packing soon thereafter.

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Lacey struggles with her own issues of motherhood this season.

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