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Countdown to Season 2: Spotlight on Lacey

By Tracy_Goldenberg 02/27/2013 10:00AM GMT

Lacey (Rebecca Field) is the sister that Riley's never had. Best friends since childhood, Lacey is the only one who knows the truth about Riley's secret life. (Lacey stumbled upon Riley's stash of cash in Riley's house and put two and two together.)

When Lacey is not helping Riley with her kids Katie and Travis, she's working as a hairdresser at the Curl Up & Dry Salon with Linette.

Lacey is married to Dale, who is constantly on the job. In Season 1, Lacey said she was ready to start a family, but Dale confessed to Evan that Lacey can barely save money and they're not in the right financial situation to start a family. In Season 2, Lacey will struggle with fertility issues.

View Lacey's Season 1 moments in pictures:
-Season 1, Episode 7: Life of Riley
-Season 1, Episode 4: Ring True

Riley finally gets answers from Kyle about why he left.

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