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Countdown to Season 2: Spotlight on Katie & Travis

By Tracy_Goldenberg 03/02/2013 10:00AM GMT

One of the hardest things for Riley in Season 1 was telling her young children Katie and Travis that their dad is never coming back. Katie took it the hardest, and started to act out. In school, she got in trouble for swearing because her classmate Zack teased her about Kyle leaving.

But Riley's biggest nightmare came to life when she was on a date with Dr. Mark Flemming, who happened to be Zack's father. Lacey called Riley in a panic because she couldn't find Katie anywhere in the house. The only trace of Katie was a note that said, "Back Soon Mommy; Love Katie." Evan remembered that Katie was upset that she wasn't doing well in soccer and Riley put two and two together and found Katie on the soccer field. Katie said she ran away because she didn't want "Zack's dad" to help her with soccer—her dad was supposed to teach her.

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Riley and Kyle have to co-parent now that Kyle is back in the picture.

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