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Episode 2 (Jacob)

Season 1, Episode 2 - Season 1: Episode 2 (Jacob): Jacob is a thief and a liar and has been abusing marijuana. Adopted parents, Joanne and Jeffrey, are ready to kick him out but Josh wants to convince them Jacob still needs unconditional love and acceptance.
Season 1, Episode 2 - Season 1: Episode 2 (Jacob): Original air date: 11/9/2012. Seventeen-year-old Jacob is a thief and a liar and has been abusing alcohol and marijuana for the last 2 years. When Joanne and Jeffrey adopted Jacob, they never thought it would come to this. They are counting the days until Jacob's 18th birthday, when they can legally kick him out of the house. Josh needs to find a way to convince Joanne and Jeffrey that Jacob still needs unconditional love and acceptance, a measure of tenderness to go along with their toughness. But Josh doesn't completely let Jacob off the hook. Using his in-your-face method, he shows Jacob exactly where he will likely end up if he is kicked out of the house. Learn more about Josh Shipp, helpful tips and resources regarding drug abuse.

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