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Devious Maids: Episode 12 (Proof)
Witches Of East End: A Moveable Beast
Dance Moms: Dance Moms: Abby's Top Ten Dances

Episode 1 (Chelsea)

Season 1, Episode 1 - Season 1: Episode 1 (Chelsea): "Teen expert" Josh Shipp is determined to get sixteen-year-old Chelsea, a full-blown heroin addict, cleaned up.
Season 1, Episode 1 - Season 1: Episode 1 (Chelsea): Original air date: 11/2/2012. "Teen expert" Josh Shipp helps families get the tools they need to break down the barriers and break through to their out-of-control teen. Sixteen-year-old Chelsea is a full-blown heroin addict. Since being adopted when she was 2 years old, Chelsea has battled feelings of abandonment and depression and now self-medicates with heroin. She shoots up as many as a dozen times a day, literally taking her life in her hands. Her adoptive parents, Deborah and Daril, are completely ignorant when it comes to addiction and have failed to set any ground rules for Chelsea, allowing her to live in a "drug addict's haven." In order to get Deb and Daril to relate to what Chelsea is going through, Josh brings the family to meet someone with a long history of abuse and personal tragedy and then, in a potentially life-defining moment, Josh arranges for an emotional reunion between Chelsea and a very influential person from her past. Learn more about Josh Shipp, helpful tips and resources regarding drug abuse.

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