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Episode 2 (A High Price To Pay)

Season 1, Episode 2 - Tracey wants to help Suzanne, currently in jail for theft, continue her treatment while Lisa's husband is ready to leave her if she doesn't agree to get treatment for her anorexia.
Season 1, Episode 2 - Season 1: Episode 2 (A High Price To Pay): Original air date: 12/9/2011. After getting sober a year ago, Suzanne's weight has ballooned, despite her intense bulimia. She's 24 days away from going to jail for a theft she committed to support her ED. Tracey wants to help her find a job, so she can enter work furlough, and continue her treatment. Lisa's husband Keith reaches out to Tracey; he's ready to take their kids and end their marriage if she doesn't agree to get treatment for her anorexia. But Lisa's reluctant to give up her obsessive calorie counting and size 00 wardrobe. Learn more about Tracey Gold, helpful tips and resources regarding eating disorders.
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