Episode 1

December 2 - Melissa's eating disorder has left her far from her family and alone. When she threatens to leave treatment, Tracey helps her back on track.
Rivka refuses to follow the program while in treatment. With her continuing weight loss threatening her life, Tracey offers one final hope.

Episode 2

December 9 - After getting sober a year ago, Suzanne's weight has ballooned, despite her intense bulimia. Tracey steps in to help find her a job and continue her treatment.
Lisa's husband Keith reaches out to Tracey; he's ready to take their kids and end their marriage if she doesn't agree to get treatment for her anorexia.

Episode 3

December 16 - Marlita's family is helpless and terrified by her life-threatening downward spiral into bulimia and drug addiction. Tracey steps in to support the family and get Marlita help.

Episode 4

December 23 - Over the last decade, Lauren's bulimia has taken her life downhill. With a new boyfriend considering marriage, Tracey's sudden offer of treatment presents her an unexpected new hope.
Michelle's marriage is in trouble because of her eating disorder. Despite Michelle's denial, Tracey wants her in treatment for both her bulimia and her drinking.