Many of us have had hysterically funny moments as kids, but only few of us have become Internet sensations because of it. Check out some of our favorite funny kid videos on the web below and vote on your personal pick:

David After Dentist
source: YouTube | views: 78+ million
A young boy's dental surgery captured on film made the rounds all over the Internet in 2009.

Charlie Bit My Finger
source: YouTube | views: 269+ million
Two little British tykes take over the web when their mum catches her middle child, Charlie, and eldest son, Harry, on film. First uploaded in 2007, it's popularity grew to over 269 million views, and they continue to share new video updates.

source: YouTube | views: 155+ million
It doesn't take a whole lot for this little guy to burst into uncontrollable, contagious laughter! It's currently at number 10 of YouTube's most matched videos of all time list.

I Don't Like You Mommy
source: YouTube | views: 62+ million
Little Justin's brutal honesty to his mother make millions of viewers laugh online. Cookies or bust, mom!

source: YouTube | views: 13+ million
Two children open their gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. They were just a little bit excited when they saw it was a Nintendo 64. Just a little.