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The Hart family have been sent for therapy after a brawl during a custody hearing. Reba (Reba McEntire), 46, is a member of Junior League and a soccer mom. Brock (Christopher Rich), who is divorcing Reba, is a 48-year-old dentist. Daughter, Cheyenne (Joanna Garcia) , 17, is a high school senior and girlfriend of Van (Steve Howey), star of the high school football team. Twelve-year-old Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) expresses her bottled-up anger with sarcasm. The youngest is 9-year-old Jake (Mitch Holleman). Brock says he won't be moving back home because he is marrying his 22-year-old girlfriend and dental assistant, Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman). Having heard enough, Reba declares that Brock will move back home, find another way to express his midlife crisis, and not break up the family. Brock says he has to marry Barbra Jean because she is pregnant. Jake blurts out that Cheyenne is also pregnant. Later that day, Reba and Brock discuss the situation with Van and Cheyenne. Reba cannot believe that she got pregnant after all of their discussions about sex. That night, Reba discovers Van hiding under Cheyenne's bed and he explains that his parents kicked him out. He drops to his knees and proposes to Cheyenne.
Brock declares that Cheyenne is not going to throw her life away on Van, but Reba reminds him that he dotes on Van as if he was Brock's son. The couple will marry on Saturday and they will keep their baby. Brock initially refuses to go to the wedding, but arrives with Barbra Jean on the wedding day. Cheyenne and Van get into an argument because he wants to play football that night, then go on their honeymoon. In moments, the family is brawling again and Cheyenne's wedding dress rips. Reba comforts Cheyenne and tells her they have to face reality. Cheyenne asks Reba if she can wear her wedding dress, instead of the slinky one she had planned on, which pleases her mother. They have the wedding and the strange new family poses for photos.