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He's Having a Baby

At first Van (Steve Howey) makes excuses to avoid attending lamaze class, but Cheyenne (Joanna Garcia) convinces him to go, saying it will get him excited about having the baby. While at the class, the roles reverse. Van does become excited about the baby, but Cheyenne becomes terrified of the process. Brock (Christopher Rich) stops by Reba's (Reba McEntire) house to pick up the family crib for his soon-to-be-born child. Reba objects, but Brock insists Cheyenne does not want it. Brock tells Van he does not need to go to lamaze class because father's don't have a real role in the birth. That night Cheyenne, out of fear, makes up an excuse to miss lamaze class, and Van asks Reba to go with him in her place. Reba is surprised to find Brock and Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman) at the class, and is angered when Brock, who was not interested during the birth of his other children, promises to be a better father this time around.Furious Reba socks Brock in the stomach with a baby doll. Later Reba calls to apologize and Barbra Jean tells Reba Brock is in the hospital. Reba goes to the hospital and feels guilty until she finds out Brock is actually in the hospital because Barbra Jean dropped the crib on his foot. Reba squeezes his toe and departs. Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) comforts Cheyenne, and a few nights later after lamaze class, Van congratulates Cheyenne for being brave. Cheyenne wonders how the most beautiful thing in life can also be the most disgusting.