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Viktor Luna

30, New York, NY

What was the first garment you ever made?

A jean skirt with black cones on the back and a white button-up shirt.

What's playing on your iPod when you're designing?

Pink Floyd, Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, Robyn, and many more.

When did you realize you had designer potential?

When I watched my mother sew and I started playing with her machine and fabrics.

Favorite designer(s)?

McQueen, Boudicca, Cristobal Balenciaga, Prada, Marchesa, Zero+Maria Cornejo, Comme des Garcons, Thom Browne.

Current occupation?

Freelance consultant for fashion companies, showrooms.

Can you describe past jobs you've had?

Visual display and designing for myself.

What is a fashion must?

PRADA, shoes, sunglasses, sports coats, bags.

What is your design training?

Besides assisting my mother, I attended FIT in NYC and took some courses to enhance my knowledge, including ones in patternmaking, draping and design.

Have you won any awards related to design?

No awards, just praises.

What are your strengths as a designer?

Structural shapes and voluminous silhouettes.

What are your weaknesses as a designer?

Flowy, soft fabrics always give me trouble, but I manage.

What's influenced your designs over the years?

My influences are my Goth/punk years, and I try to apply the hard edge of that era but also bring luxury and sophistication of now. Oh and sexy too.

What's your favorite material or fabric to work with?

Neoprene, spandex, chiffon, tulle, silk georgette and cottons. Also I like to experiment with unconventional materials at times.

What's the item you're most proud of designing?

Fringe bodysuit from my FW 2010 Collection.

Do you prefer sketching or draping?


Do you prefer patterns or solids?


What are your favorite colors?

Orange, black, white, navy blue, bright yellow, gray, purples and many more.

What's your biggest fear as a designer? 

No fear, just experience and learn from it.

What fashion faux pas drives you crazy?

Ugg boots in the summer.

What's the ugliest thing you've ever worn?


Who are your favorite style icons? ADaphne Guinness and Bjork. QIf you designed for the first lady, what would you design for her?

A Chanel-like updated-modern-fabric-look. And a big huge hat!

What celebrity would you like to design for?

Bjork. I would make a futuristic voluminous gown and style her very alien-like. Or Roisin Murphy, a very sleek jacket with some leather-like fabric pants and a glossy top.

Who's your supermodel muse?

Heidi Klum, of course! And Naomi Campbell.

What do you look for in a model?

Size 2, long blonde hair, light-skinned, tall (6 feet), nice bone structure, a little figure (proportionally), LIPS and knows how to sell the garment.

If you had to name your label, you'd call it...

Viktor Luna.

If you weren't designing, you'd be...

On the streets! Just kidding. I probably would be working as a visual window display guy.

Dream place to set up your design business?

New York, in Tribeca.

Any other cultures or places you wish you could design for?

Spain, Paris would be A-mazing and also the Middle East! So much colors and history!

Websites that feature your work, including your own site(s)?

viktorlunablog.blogspot.com, viktorluna.bigcartel.com, averyjfashion.com/designers/viktor-luna, revealingfashion.com/designer/viktor-luna, youtube.com/user/vluna22

How were you described as a kid?

Polite, shy and always helped my elders.

How are you described now?

Wise, always there, helpful, fashionable, funny, interesting, crazy and loved.

Can you describe your family?

I am the youngest of 7 siblings. We are a family from Mexico who changed their lives to live in the U.S.A., in Los Angeles.

Marriage or kids?

Not married, no kids.

Do you have any pets?

My puppy, Mickey. He is a Brussels griffon.

Do you have any nicknames?

Vicky, 'cause it's easier to say and it sounds sweet to my ears. My friends know how to get anything by saying Vicky.

What's your favorite hangout back home?

Central Park and Fred's at Barneys New York.

What are your hobbies besides designing?

Shopping, watching movies, and walking my dog Mickey with my friends/partner.

What are your favorite movies and TV shows?

Movies: Back to the Future, Avatar, Like Water for Chocolate, To Wong Foo. TV: Project Runway, The Walking Dead, Strangers With Candy.

What are your favorite websites?

alexandermcqueen.com, atrumludus.blogspot.com

Your Twitter handle?


Favorite Twitter accounts?

ASKMICKEY (Mickey Boardman from Paper magazine)

What are your favorite books and authors?

Zecharia sitchin and all his books!

iPhone, Android or BlackBerry?


Fast food or gourmet?


Cooking or takeout?


Favorite food?

Thai, Indian, Mexican and Italian.

Beer or wine?


Guiltiest pleasure?


Biggest ppeeve?

It's always all about EVE (that's me).

Favorite designer from past seasons of Project Runway?

Jay, Christian Siriano, Mondo Guerra.

Project Runway challenge you hope they bring back for your season?

The Paris trip and the avant-garde challenge.

Project Runway challenge you hope they don't bring back?


Your take on team challenges ... love them or hate them?

I've never worked with anyone else. But I will definitely place my stamp if I have to share the runway.

How did you end up auditioning for Project Runway?

Something told me to do it, so I went to the audition and I was so nervous, but at the end had a fab time.

Why do you think you will win Project Runway?

This is my passion, and I am a very competitive person who is always looking to strive toward success. I listen well, I have a good sense of style editing, and know how to push the envelope but still maintain chicness, sophistication and excitement.