Meet Olivier Green, "Project Runway" Season 9 designer. See a portfolio of past work, as well as videos, photos and more.

Olivier Green

Age 22, New York, NY - Out Episode 9


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Q&A : Olivier's TAKE
QWhat was the first garment you ever made? AA simple toile at school.
QWhat's playing on your iPod when you're designing? ABon Iver, Belle and Sebastian, Robyn, Feist.
QWhen did you realize you had designer potential? AWhen I went to London at the age of 16.
QFavorite designer(s)? ARaf Simons, Miuccia Prada, Neil Barrett, Alexander McQueen, Iris van Herpen, Hussein Chalayan.
QCurrent occupation? AFashion designer.
QWhat is a fashion must? ASimple leather shoes.
QWhat is your design training? AI went to design schools in London and Milan. Also worked in the industry after graduation,.
QWhat are your strengths as a designer? APatternmaking and tailoring.
QWhat are your weaknesses as a designer? AToo much of a perfectionist.
QWhat's influenced your designs over the years? AI have been greatly influenced by cultures and the art of architecture. Now I'm influenced by little things around me.
QWhat's your favorite material or fabric to work with? AI love fine wool and textured, melange fabric.
QWhat's the item you're most proud of designing? AA piece of men's suit jacket I designed and made in 2010. It has appeared on and in 1883 magazine.
QDo you prefer sketching or draping? ASketch.
QDo you prefer patterns or solids? APatterns.
QWhat are your favorite colors? ABeige, grays.
QWhat's your biggest fear as a designer? ANot being able to jump out of the head and think clearly.
QWhat's the ugliest thing you've ever worn? AA pair of mustard-color shoes.
QWho are your favorite style icons? AKate Moss.
QIf you designed for the first lady, what would you design for her? AA structured dress.
QWhat do you look for in a model? AFreshness and uniqueness, height and body shape.
QIf you had to name your label, you'd call it . . . AOlivier Green.
QIf you weren't designing, you'd be . . . AA musician.
QDream place to set up your design business? ANew York, London, Milan, Paris.
QWebsites that feature your work, including your own site(s)?,
QHow were you described as a kid? AAmbitious, brainy.
QMarriage or kids? ASingle, no kids.
QDo you have any nicknames? AOllie.
QWhat's your favorite hangout back home? AHouse parties.
QWhat are your hobbies besides designing? APlaying piano, cello, photography, traveling.
QiPhone, Android or BlackBerry? AiPhone.
QFast food or gourmet? AGourmet.
QCooking or takeout? ACooking.
QBeer or wine? AWine.
QGuiltiest pleasure? AMy love for some cheesy pop music.
QBiggest pet peeve? ADishonesty.
QFavorite designer from past seasons of Project Runway? ALeanne.
QYour take on team challenges ... love them or hate them? ADepends.
QHow did you end up auditioning for Project Runway? AI applied after seeing the post on a career website. It was sort of random how I got into it.
QWhy do you think you will win Project Runway? AI have potential to grow and adapt to challenges.