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Anthony Ryan Auld

28, Baton Rouge, LA

What's playing on your iPod when you're designing?

Lady Gaga, Adele, everything from R&B and rap to pop and electronic.

When did you realize you had designer potential?

When I sewed a quilt one summer with my grandmother when I was young.

Favorite designer(s)?

Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld.

Current occupation?

Retail, until Wednesday, June 9, when I said goodbye in pursuit of bigger and better things!

Can you describe past jobs you've had?

All my past jobs were retail, except for my job as a paid intern at BCBG in the summer of 2010.

What is a fashion must?

For women, a great pair of high heels and a killer clutch. For men, a great printed bow or skinny tie and a dark pair of skinny or straight-legged jeans.

What is your design training?

I received a Bachelor of Arts in fashion design, with a minor in business, from Louisiana State University in 2010.

Have you won any awards related to design?

The most prestigious award I have received was winning Best in Show at Fashion Group International's Dallas Career Day in 2010.

What are your strengths as a designer?

Patterns, mixing patterns and overall fabric choice.

What are your weaknesses as a designer?

I'm both red-green and blue-yellow colorblind, so the way I see solid colors is a little different, and it's probably my biggest weakness in design.

What's influenced your designs over the years?

In the past, art, specifically graphics and linear things. But now it's all about a story, whether it's a historical event or my own heritage in general.

What's your favorite material or fabric to work with?

Natural fabrics: cotton, hemp, bamboo, silk and wool.

What's the item you're most proud of designing?

The dress that seems to have started it all for me: a knee-length pegged dress with a ton of different striped panels all sewn together.

Do you prefer sketching or draping?

Both. If I had to say one over the other, I would say drape.

Do you prefer patterns or solids?

PATTERNS! I love a great print!

What are your favorite colors?

All shades of gray, cream, blues, and a warm color here and there, like a pop of yellow or rusty red.

What's your biggest fear as a designer?

For an individual not to understand my point of view or inspiration. That happens a lot, and I know not everyone will.

What fashion faux pas drives you crazy?

For girls, shiny fabrics and glittery clothes.

What's the ugliest thing you've ever worn?

Ewww. this full-on blue jean outfit that I redesigned.

Who are your favorite style icons?

If I had to pick a classic, I would say Twiggy. In today's age, I have a soft spot for the Olsen twins!

If you designed for the first lady, what would you design for her?

A beautiful strapless gown, possibly form-fitting, empire waist, with layers of chiffon at the bottom, in a soft print.

What celebrity would you like to design for?

Angelina Jolie -- a red-carpet dress for the Oscars, or simply a traveling outfit for one of her many worldwide humanitarian projects.

Who's your supermodel muse?

Either Kate Moss or Adriana Lima. I also love Liya Kebede!

What do you look for in a model?

I look for attitude. I love using black and mixed models. Height is important, but not the most important for me.

If you had to name your label, you'd call it . . .

Anthony Ryan Auld.

If you weren't designing, you'd be . . .

Still working in the art field. I love painting and redesigning furniture.

Dream place to set up your design business?

New York City, Los Angeles or New Orleans.

Websites that feature your work, including your own site(s)?

anthonyryanauld.tumblr.com, anthonyryanauld.blogspot.com, theadvocate.com, facebook.com/ryan auld

Any other cultures or places you wish you could design for?

I love China's culture and fashion. That would be on my list, as well as France.

How were you described as a kid?

Full of personality! I was always the mischievous one. Tenderhearted and sweet, but a practical joker.

How are you described now?

Very driven and still the mischievous one in the bunch.

Can you describe your family?

We had a conservative Christian household, like many Southern families. I have a lot of fun with them and love them all dearly.

Marriage or kids?

Single, no kids.

Do you have any pets?

A dog (beagle mix adopted from a shelter) named Tucker Jude Auld-Day.

Do you have any nicknames?

Most people actually know me as Ryan, which is my middle name.

Why are you (or aren't you) easy to live with?

I am pretty laid-back about most things. I am, however, a stickler about how things are arranged, cleaned and done in my apartment.

What's your favorite hangout back home?

My bed.

What are your hobbies besides designing?

I love movies, being outdoors and playing with my dog, sleeping in, visiting with family, shopping and hitting up the thrift store.

What are your favorite movies and TV shows?

Movies: The Goonies, the Toy Story trilogy (anything Pixar, really), all the Harry Potter films, Super 8, Indiana Jones. TV: Stargate, Brothers and Sisters, Family Guy, V, Ugly Betty.

What are your favorite websites?

Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, style.com QYour Twitter handle? Aryanauld

Favorite Twitter accounts?

Lady Gaga, Project Runway, Adam Lambert.

What are your favorite books and authors?

I don't really read that much. I did always love And Then There Were None and To Kill a Mockingbird.

iPhone or BlackBerry?


Your Twitter handle?


Favorite Twitter accounts?

Lady Gaga, Project Runway, Adam Lambert.

Fast food or gourmet?

Probably fast food!

Cooking or takeout?


Favorite food?

Gumbo, jambalaya, pizza, hamburger steak with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes.

Beer or wine?


Guiltiest pleasure?

Sale racks!

Biggest pet peeve?

Cockiness and overconfidence, and people who think they know what they're talking about but don't have a damn clue.

Favorite designer from past seasons of Project Runway?

Christian Siriano.

Project Runway challenge you hope they bring back for your season?

The fabric design challenge.

Project Runway challenge you hope they don't bring back for your season?

The plus-size challenge, just because I don't have much experience with plus-size fashion.

Your take on team challenges ... love them or hate them?

Hate them. Great for TV but not necessarily design-wise.

How did you end up auditioning for Project Runway?

I stalked the website until the post came up about casting. I had auditioned for Season 8.

Why do you think you will win Project Runway?

I feel like I have the ability to bridge the gap between wearable clothing and beautiful and/or edgy runway fashion.