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S 9 E 1

Come As You Are

Aired on Jul 28, 2011
20 designers must go in front of Heidi, Michael, Nina and Tim to make a case why they deserve one of the 16 coveted spots this season. Once they are chosen, the 16 designers barely have a chance to celebrate before being awoken at the crack of dawn with one of the toughest first challenges in the series' history. Tim arrives at their apartment to wake the designers up and tells them to grab their bedsheets and come as they are. Their PJ's and bedsheets are their fabric for the first challenge! Actress Christina Ricci serves as guest judge.
S 9 E 2

My Pet Project

Aired on Aug 04, 2011
This year's unconventional challenge lives up to its name when the designers arrive at a pet store. When Tim informs them that they will find all the materials they need inside, they quickly realize this is their opportunity to show the judges how they can think outside the box. Stacey Bendet (Alice + Olivia) serves as the guest judge.
S 9 E 3

Go Big or Go Home

Aired on Aug 11, 2011
The designers are broken into teams of two to create a design that's larger than life--their models are stilt walkers! In the first ever outdoor challenge, the runway show is held outside in New York for all to see. Kim Kardashian serves as guest judge.
S 9 E 4

All About Nina

Aired on Aug 18, 2011
The designers quickly realize they are in for a tough challenge when it is revealed the Nina Garcia is their client! The stakes are raised as Nina tells them she will wear the winning look to an important industry event. Marie Claire's editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles and actress Kerry Washington serve as guest judges.
S 9 E 5

Off the Track

Aired on Aug 25, 2011
The designers wake up to find New Balance clothing set out to for them and are instructed to put in on and meet Heidi and Tim at a track and field center to hear about the latest challenge. There they learn they will be competing in teams to design a piece inspired by Heidi Klum for New Balance sneakers but in order to be crowned team captain, they must win a different kind of race--on foot! Model Erin Wasson serves as guest judge.
S 9 E 6

The Art of the Matter

Aired on Sep 01, 2011
The designers become students for a day when they are partnered with art students from the Harlem School of the Arts to create a piece of art that will serve as the inspiration for their next garment. Kenneth Cole serves as guest judge.
S 9 E 7

Can't We Just All Get Along?

Aired on Sep 08, 2011
To the delight of the designers, the HP Create Your Own Fabric Challenge is back -- with a twist! With the use of an HP Touchsmart, designers will work in two teams of five to create a cohesive collection. Armed with HP video cameras, they head out into the city to tell the story of what truly inspires them. Designer Rachel Roy and actress Rose Byrne serve as guest judges.
S 9 E 8

What Women Want

Aired on Sep 15, 2011
When Heidi introduces nine men on the runway, the designers are stunned. But they quickly breathe a sigh of relief when Tim reveals that the men are not their models--they will be designing for their significant others! Actress Malin Akerman serves as guest judge.
S 9 E 9

Image is Everything

Aired on Sep 22, 2011
The designers are treated to a special performance from their new client, an up-and-coming band. Broken into two teams of four, the designers are charged with creating a look that will establish their as image-makers.
S 9 E 10

Sew 70's

Aired on Sep 29, 2011
For the challenge, the designer's are going back in time. The 70's will serve as inspiration for this week's challenge.
S 9 E 11

This is for the Birds

Aired on Oct 06, 2011
Exotic Birds serve as the inspiration for this week's L'Oreal Challenge. The designer's must really step up their game when Tim reveals that during judging they will go head-to-head with one other designer putting one in the top and one in the bottom during judging. Francisco Costa serves as guest judge for the challenge.
S 9 E 12

The Finale Challenge

Aired on Oct 13, 2011
The judges want to see their visions as designers so they challenge the contestants to create a mini-collection. Actress Zoe Saldana serves as guest judge.
S 9 E 13

Finale Part One

Aired on Oct 20, 2011
Tim Gunn travels to the homes of the finalists to check in on their progress before they head back to NY.
S 9 E 14

Finale Part Two

Aired on Oct 27, 2011
Things get off to a bumpy start for the final designers as they frantically get ready to show at fashion week. With fair warning to step up their game, the designers make every minute of preparation count. Guest judge, fashion designer L'Wren Scott, weighs in on who should be the winner during the intense debate at the final judging.

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